June 4, 2023

Reminder “In a society that began to be selfish Take advantage of each other more. “

In today’s society where there is only a difference of kindness towards one another. Began to find very little

Different people take themselves as the main ones. Until he forgot to pay attention to his fellow human beings who live together

Causing society to have more and more problems We have good ideas From the story of one comment that will be shared with everyone

Story, there is that

In an alley Where there is no light pole Or a light that gives a little bit of brightness

Causing this alley in the night to be covered with complete darkness But still many commuters

Because this alley is the nearest shortcut Therefore making it popular for people to use It saves a lot of time.

One night there was a statue.

Use this alley as a shortcut to walk to the nearby monastery monastery.

While walking through the alley Walking on that person, all crowded

With the fact that this alley is very dark I can hardly see anything.


There was a man walking with a lamp into the alley. Instantly brightened the dark alley

And someone in the alley said

“The lantern-bearer was a strange person. He was actually blind but was holding a lantern. In spite of being unable to see anyway “

The monks heard the words of the people in the alley. Also began to feel surprised

Therefore walked in and asked the man in the eye

“Excuse me, do I know that you are blind?”

The grandfather replied:

“Yes, I was born with my eyes closed on both sides, no matter what time the morning, late afternoon, and evening are completely dark.

When the monks heard so Was even more amazed And asked if

“Since you cannot see And why do you still have to hold the lantern to light up? “

The blind man replied that

“Because I heard people in this alley say When walking in the alley at night, there is no light.

The good-eyed man does not see either. When he walked into the alley

You were bumped into many times, right? “

“You look at me, even though I can’t see it. But when I walked with a lamp into this alley

Instead of being hit like everyone else Despite the fact that others have good eyes Instead of being hit by one another, and the reason I walked with a lantern

That’s because I use a lamp to light others and make others see me. I will not come and bump into me. “

When the monk heard the answer from the Tabod

He then understood and realized that wisdom

“Helping others Benefit others But the giver gets it back too. “

This story teaches you that… helping It’s a great giving

The more you get Your world can only be very wide.

But with people who drought kindness The world becomes narrower every day.

There is no way to see good things from others.

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