June 4, 2023
Peach time No one understands life, keep these 9 points in mind

Peach time No one understands life, keep these 9 points in mind

Remember my son The toughest part is the moment near to success.

Mother told his father that Are you tired of the work that you are doing, but should you give you patience to do it for a while?

I think you will get a lot from working here. At least it’s an experience that doesn’t have to be bought with money.

Just use the strength and the way you have learned.

I believe it will be useful to children in the future. But if your child thinks that it is not really capable

The children will come out to do a small business. Father supports it.

The experience of this place will one day make children own a business.

So you will understand both the position of the employee and the employer. I would like to advise you like this.

  1. Our most formidable opponent is none other than laziness.

Remember, no one is lucky without effort. Good luck comes from the intention.

Because of determination and good luck I believe that you can do it. Because there is a choice in the body of the child Half of the father’s knife

  1. Even if your child gets a lot of money Let the children remember

Our family has never cheated on anyone to eat. This honor, father, let you keep your children.

And tell it to future children

  1. The children choose to escape the problem.

It is not always certain that the child will escape. The child faced with problems It is not always certain that

It will be a very devoted story, my child, tomorrow is a beautiful day.

  1. Do not rely on only luck.

Fortune if we had not built it How to use magic to call

It could never be with us. It is better based on your own abilities.

  1. If the child is determined and dedicated

Therefore qualifies as saying that his luck is not good

If not dedicated Don’t just blame your luck.

  1. Don’t just hide in the rain in the house.

Come out to measure the rain water, put the jar in the blister for some use. Even if wet in the ragged rain, that is

A kind of happiness. Remember, everything that happens in the world has no coincidence. When unavoidable

Live with it understandably and happily

  1. If your child is tired

The child must try to move on.

Because of the tired pathway It is a walkway to the heights.

  1. Doing something is not difficult.

Holding up to stand firm Standing only for a moment, that moment is not difficult.

Standing up to the end

  1. Remember, child is the hardest time.

Is the period closest to success

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