June 8, 2023

Insight teaches very kind. If you do well with someone, but he doesn’t like it

Do not try to do good to people who have never appreciated you.

No matter how well you do He doesn’t care about you anyway.

Doing good is good, but it does it in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and in the wrong people. Besides, he will not see the value.

It is also a waste of time for us as well. People who really love us have, we should take the time here to pay attention to him, it will be better than it really has.

Some loved ones just see the face of the “lost” person.

Someone just listened to somebody. No matter how well we do it, in the end, they do not appreciate it.

Because for some people Goodness buys hearts, he doesn’t do everything. In order to hope that everyone on earth will love us

“Tired of being”, it is impossible because we care too much, so we are “tired” because

Too much suspicion is therefore “happy” if he understands. Let it be free

Let it go We come to this world like a traveler.

Many stories Yes, we are the judge. Biggest story today

By tomorrow it’s the biggest little thing this month.

Became a story, a story, a story of word of mouth for a long time

In the end, it is just the word “Ninto”. We can all be, only people in the word “Nin Do” are just people in the mouth.

You don’t have to try to make yourself loved by everyone, it’s impossible to be with anyone.

“Tired of heart” then retreat.

Sometimes it is difficult to change people who “lost” us to like.

Change to change time to use with people who love us. Make him happier

Do not waste time molding with people who do not think to accept us at all.

Sometimes our good deeds Cannot buy someone’s heart

Doing good sometimes means doing good at the right place, at the right time, and being distressed by people if they do not see what we intend.

But be happy and proud that we’ve done our best. Sometimes people like to think that doing good to someone lets them decide whether we are good or not.

But in fact the best of good Of people, it is not the same.

Therefore, we cannot expect.

That we or him who is definitely better, but let us just think We do good to the best of us.

Parting for good Someday will know the fruit of that good, but how long the separation will last

The matter does not turn into good at all. Make the most of your time with each other.

As for the result, time is the indication of life, it is like the taste of coffee, the taste is very good, the less is the good, the bitterness is the good, the bad

They all taste good, hot, and cool. Different people like each other. How can you make coffee that suits everyone in the world?

How did he not like We retreated to adjust, however, it did not work. Come back to be yourself

Do not expect to do good. When we don’t expect it, we don’t have to be disappointed.

There are many people who try to do good to someone very well that they never appreciate.

Plus some people are even allowed to take advantage Just because we don’t want to lose them

Perhaps it was not his fault for that, but it might be our own mistake to do good to him.

Even though he knew that it was not useful at all, I was afraid of my fear, I was afraid of being alone, I was afraid of being alone.

And as many other things of anguish, thus consoling to himself that

At least, continue to do good one day, he might be able to value it one day.

But forgot to imagine that if he had seen the value, he would have seen it for a long time

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