June 8, 2023

If any day we get old Who will raise us up

Must first understand that In the old days

There is a concept of having children in the hope of raising them as they age.

In the age when the body begins to wilt Can’t take care of yourself And which is usually like that, but if you look at it in reality

Is it still possible to use this kind of thinking? Have children when they are old so that they can be raised.

Which could be translated in another way that If the child refuses to raise Is that ungrateful?

This pattern is a selfish concept. Of the parents or not

Nowadays There are many old people That does not fit in with the family of the children

Maybe the same idea It may have to be adjusted. Why do not you think that you will not let your children raise them when they are old?

It is not possible to take the past and the present together. Where parents have children, many of whom can still raise

Why can’t a child raise a parent? Which it might be worth thinking

But look at the cost of living And the life of a human being today

Is it the same as the old days? We have stories that are worth reading and should not be understood by everyone. Both in the corner of the parent And in the corner of being a child

The story is as follows.

There is one mother My husband was long gone. She teaches Make money to raise a son until growing up He has been obedient since he was little.

When the children grew up, she sent her children to study abroad. When the children graduated, they stayed, worked abroad, worked for money, bought a house, got married.

With one child created Happy family She herself misses

The sentence to have children will have a babysitter, think about the gaze of relatives and friends.

She was happy from the heart. While waiting for a reply from her son, she had finished all matters of home and work.

The last night before she retires She received a letter sent from her son’s country.

When it opened, it was a foreign check. Forging into Thai money, the value is about one hundred thousand baht.

She was very surprised. Because the son had never sent money to her before She quickly opened the letter to read.

The letter says

Mom, we had a conversation and decided and concluded that we weren’t happy for Mother to be here together.

If Mom thinks that you are grateful for bringing me up Calculated according to the market price About the money I sent to this

Hopefully, from now on, I won’t write another letter.

Mom read that letter. And tears flowed

I feel that I have been struggling to raise a single child all my life. From now on, I have to live alone.

She feels very bad From the past that gave all hope to him, but now there is nothing left.

Later she studied Buddhism, and after studying it, she realized that she spent the money that her children had given me. Take it to travel around the world

Learned the world, saw many new things

She later wrote a letter to her son in the letter:

I do not want my mother to write a letter again, I think this letter is an additional message from the previous one.

Mom received the check. And spend that amount Go travel around the world During the trip, Mom suddenly felt that

Mother should thank the child Thank you for making your mother see anything through. Let go.

This allows the mother to see that the relationships in family, friends and loved ones do not have deep roots and can always be changed.

If my mother still had no idea today, still stuck, still suffering, she would have died in a year and a half

The refusal of the child Make my mother see that people With the fortune, then found out of the fortune, then leave each other.

Everything is not true Makes Mom learn to be calm and calm, look at everything positively.

Mother no longer has children There is nothing to worry about

So mom can live without it. Poor Parents, Parents

Don’t give the best to your child. But in the end What to get back Not the best

It is said that Parents’ house Is your child’s home all the time

Your house never It’s parents’ home Giving birth to children is a job that needs to be done.

Parenting Is an obligation Reliance on children is a misunderstanding. Such a terrible story. But couldn’t listen

Although not all children are like this But parents should not think that old people will rely on their children.

To be honest, don’t expect anything from your children, even if you’ve raised them well.

You must practice looking after yourself. Filial piety to you is considered merit. If filial piety is not enough Parents can’t control

Best way Is to plan life Rely on yourself when you are old

From the perspective of society Having children will have an old babysitter. As a wish in the heart

But in the present day, economy, society, materialism, lifestyle have changed.

Current situation Is that the new age changes, the older people still adhere to the old people Based on the idea that

Having children so that they can have a babysitter No longer suitable What followed was disappointment. On expectation

That cannot be guessed Parents can receive merit with their children But not all children have the potential to care for their parents.

Because only life And our family needs to take care of it as well. Planning to take care of yourself when you are old Which is what a person is a parent

Make plans and don’t put all your hopes up. I can leave it to the child.

It’s not the child’s fault for not taking care of you. But it’s wrong for you not to take care of yourself. Leave it to think about it.

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