June 4, 2023
Clearly reminded of wanting to fly high, “Don’t go in the flock.”

Clearly reminded of wanting to fly high, “Don’t go in the flock.”

Do not fly high, do not be in the flock. Because apart from the chickens will not understand It still makes you lose your mind.

Remember that if you do not fly above the sky

It has to act like a hawk flying high, find a big and clear target and fly down to the target.

Don’t act like a chicken chasing food crumbs on the ground, or

Waiting for people to feed the rice to feed him water. If you go to consult a chicken about flying up to a tree The chicken will tell you that

You go and fly off the roof first.

If you go to consult an eagle about flying up a tree The eagle will tell you that… well, but why just go to trees? Why not fly over the mountains

This story teaches you that

When you go to consult Or ask someone for advice You should carefully consider whether the person you are speaking to is a chicken or an eagle.

Of course, if you talk about Being your own boss and a salaryman Who has never been his own boss

They’ll tell you it’s tough, don’t go out and take risks and find reasons. Who take their own sides to support those impossibilities Then you will be discouraged Until you don’t dare to do anything

On the other hand, if you ask about it. With the person who is the master himself, the person who lives From not having to eat a salary He must have good advice for you.

Have you ever heard of yourself is the average of 5 people?

What kind of person do you associate with? Put yourself in that kind of society if you want to get sick.

You too have to be in the same room as the sick person if you want to be successful. No matter what You just have to talk to the person he has accomplished.

Talk to people who have already done it. Choose the right people to talk to, as they are a vital part of making your life progress.

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