June 8, 2023
9 ideas from middle-aged people .. I want this generation to read

9 ideas from middle-aged people .. I want this generation to read

  1. Stop proving yourself in the path other people tell you.

When we are young, we will always understand that People with high scores.

Good ranking, good university examinations, many degrees, “good people”

When I grew up a little We will understand that people who work well High salary

Or has a reputation and reputation in society “is a smart man”

Come today, we will understand that in the past we were wrong all along.

The best people are people who are effective in any kind of job or profession.

It’s time to eat. Sleep time There is some free time to travel, there is a time left.

Time for family Have time with friends and with myself, a balanced person in everything.

In their own way and live happily

That is the one who is truly successful.

  1. Do not waste time with people who do not care about you.

Let us learn to say no and say no.

If you have to go to an event or meet with someone that does not make your life better.

Because not everyone is worth the time to waste.

At the age of 20 our world is about to open up to new experiences.

We stick to getting to know many people.

At the age of 30 the world will tell us that A good relationship is worth it.

So if you find it, it’s not good. Do not have to waste time with someone who does not lead to better life

By the age of 40 you will begin to achieve that there is actually only a family. Only a few loved ones and close friends

That is really ready to be by our side Then come in to take advantage of

Don’t tolerate people who treat you badly. Do not tolerate them for some reason.

Such as for financial reasons or other benefits.

Do not put up with them for the sake of little convenience that does not bring any benefit.

  1. Start collecting money now Before it’s too late

Finance is not a joke, is it? Start planning your own finances.

And can plan your life after retirement from today after taking care of your health

Health of his own mind Do not forget to take care of your financial health as well.

Nowadays, you must eat, have to use

If still not exhaling out a hundred thousand banks Don’t be superfluous Don’t waste

Focus on using high interest debt as quickly as possible.

Especially the high house interest

Separate the reserve in case of Chuk Chien, because we don’t know if in the future.

What kinds of problems will we face? Health, going to court, business matters, or others that are difficult to guess?

Don’t invest in things you don’t understand well enough.

To save the lump sum first Study the information carefully before doing any business. Do not follow the flow.

For example, a coffee shop (according to business statistics, 9 out of 10 popular coffee shops have been ruined since the first year)

  1. Really care for the health.

In our hearts it will feel that we are 10-15 years younger than our actual age.

It goes much faster than we thought. Take note of it in your early 20s.

You may lose sleep for a day or two to go on vacation, work hard, or do other activities. Without any effect

But as you get older, the number 3 will know that if you use your heavy body

Will definitely see the effect Some people even realized they could not come back to fix anything.

  1. Good to people who are very good to us.

After choosing the right person in my life We should also study him well.

Not that he saw someone well and had the heart to take advantage of him. Anyone who is good must be good.

To keep those good people in life as long as possible

  1. You can’t do everything.

Focus on what you can do And do it well Everything in life is an exchange.

You got something To lose something You never get it all. It’s something you have to admit.

Because the more regrettable thing is We spend 10 more years from now on things we don’t like.

From days to months to years I opened my eyes again, at the age of 50 and met

It is a problem that we did not solve 10 years ago.

  1. You don’t have to be afraid of taking big risks.

At this age, it really can still change.

Between the ages of 30-40, we should definitely have a career that settles.

But it’s never too late to change

  1. Develop yourself continually.

Some people stop learning things by their twenties, others by their 30s are too busy to develop themselves, but if you

Is that few who develop themselves And constantly learns both physically and mentally

The 40s will be a new time for you to enjoy it.

Warren Buffett once said that the most rewarding investment at Is learning, studying, learning by oneself

Because the money came and went Some relationships have come and gone.

But the knowledge will be with you forever.

  1. Love yourself. Respect yourself a lot.

Do something for yourself every day, do something different once a month. Doing something big once a year is good.

Try asking yourself: in the next 5 years, 10 years, the things that I encountered that I feel right now Will it matter when that time comes?

If not, take it just a few minutes. And just let it go

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