June 8, 2023

8 qualifications of people Should not be a friend, easily observed

  1. Conflict all matters A friend who guides you And keep warning sometimes When we may make incorrect decisions

It is a good thing that your friends will be concerned about and still remind us a bit. But with some friends who are just waiting to argue about everything like this, you have to think carefully.

That he argued because he had good hopes or liked to cherish your life for sure

  1. Very good at making you feel bad There are friends to support each other, to comfort each other when we need it. It is the nature of a good friend.

But with the people you live with, it makes you feel worse, or makes you feel so hard that you are looking only to blame yourself like this.

No one would ever count as a friend, right? When seeing people like this, stay away from them.

  1. Compete with you all the time. If you feel that this friend always likes to be your competitor. Whether it be a study, a job, or whatever

He always wants to be the first and better than you, so stop dating because of a good friend. A friend who really loves you

Will not sit and compete with you But he will support and encourage you separately.

  1. Invite talk but nonsense. If there is a friend to bring you to talk about nonsense There is nothing serious in life. I do not know why we are going to keep the time to go.

It is better to take the time to do other things that benefit our lives. What is better than sitting and listening?

That’s not useful Or not able to increase knowledge at all

  1. I can’t keep a secret Some things that we do not want to let anyone know, just by telling someone close to you. But it turned out that

Everyone knows about us. If there must be a friend who can’t keep this secret

I warn that I should step away quickly. Because otherwise your story will no longer be a secret.

  1. I have never been so happy with you. It’s how your friends feel good when they see you. Or never felt happy with that

It is already clearly showing that he is not your friend.

Because true friends will delight us when they see us well. And will be happy with us as well If you see that we are happy

  1. You try to be on one side. If you have to keep approaching, asking questions, or following that friend’s life on one side.

Which he never thought of us, was not indifferent, we never asked us before, never went to

I never tried to meet. Then probably know that He didn’t think of us as friends.

  1. Not being yourself when with this friend. A real friend is a friend who feels safe around him. And we can show our true self.

Without losing one’s own identity But if you are with someone and it makes you feel uncomfortable That’s a sign that

This person would not be suitable as your friend. Because there may be some things that are not compatible

Or makes you feel uncomfortable with this friend

For people who are really sincere and ready to be our true friends.

This is what it is said to be our true friend.

  1. Concerned with each other. A true friend will have concern

Because companionship can be seen in a delicate point So he will see the cause and the consequences that will follow. He will always be worried and remind us.

  1. Be ready side by side in every situation When we come across very difficult events to overcome

We need someone who is ready to be there. That friend will always be by our side. So that we can go through that story Including waiting for encouragement

  1. Ready to blame us when we do wrong. A good friend will blame you when you see you do something wrong.

And keep suggesting us to improve, because in order to see us become a better person And few people

That is ready to tell us directly so that we can change for the better

  1. No matter how much you fight, you won’t leave each other. It is natural that there must be a misunderstanding. Or not satisfied with each other

But people are real friends of each other. He’s not going to keep trivial things to make a relationship happen.

Even if they argue, they still remain together and never leave each other. Because the value of the relationship is greater than the relationship

  1. Listen and share stories. True friends listen to our stories understandably.

We are comfortable telling him about it, knowing that speaking to this person will make things better.

At least it has vented to people who are always ready to listen to us.

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