June 8, 2023

5 advantages of pranking (writing very good reminders)

People are born, naturally there is no knowledge. No one knows everything. People who like to show off are smart and think that

Instead of being clever, the disadvantage is the disadvantage of those who pretend that they miss many opportunities in life.

What does pretending to be a fool sometimes help us get back?

  1. Pretend to make it smarter

Someone who tried to appear to be wise Often do not ask questions Or if there is any doubt, it likes to remove the doubt

All that you do not know is thrown away. To make yourself a person with all the knowledge But actually did not know anything

In contrast to those who are feigned or those who consider themselves unwise. If you don’t understand or wonder where Will immediately ask

Because she’s not ashamed to tell anyone that she doesn’t know. Allowing her to have answers and resolve those doubts So she has more knowledge

While those who like to show off smart are still in the same place Is that I do not know the same

The fool who dared to ask questions was a fool for that split second.

But pretending to be wise I don’t know, but I won’t ask.

Instead of becoming a person for the rest of his life

  1. Pretending to be more experienced.

People who think they are smart tend to do things according to their plans. To prevent mistakes

Or failure Do something in the frame all the time. It turns out that the more bragging and the more intelligent it turns out

Because it makes him lose the opportunity to try to learn new things that have not been met.

And still missed many opportunities in life If we do not try to pretend to do something that is risky.

We would not have been aware of the failure. But when people do not know failure, it is more difficult to know success.

Therefore, let yourself be faked to give yourself the opportunity to experience the joys of life.

  1. Pretending to improve yourself more.

It is natural that a person who shows off is wise Tend to think that he or she is good and knowledgeable

Therefore there is no need to find additional knowledge Or practice additional skills Until making him a person who stops developing himself

While people who pretend they tend to think that they are not good enough, they have to put more effort into their head.

And constantly evolving to keep up with others It turned out that the smart man kept walking backwards.

But the one who feigned slow progressed one step at a time

  1. Pranking makes you have more time.

A smart person always gets more jobs Because in addition to having to do their own work Still have to help a colleague do it again

It seems that there is a doubling of work. Became the bae of those who couldn’t help but work

When I came home Instead of resting your body and bending over, you have to do it again. Unlike people who were viewed as too, no one dared to use them.

Or ask for help Because everyone thought that they could not do anything.

Therefore there is only the work that you are responsible for When work is less, there is more time to rest.

  1. Pretending to know more information.

Do you know that people who think they know everything Return to be the person who knows the least But those who are quiet, still seem like they don’t really know anything

He has more information than a pedant. Take a look When the line is trampled on to ascertain from whom?

They tend to pretend and act innocently and look impenetrable in order to gain their trust. Not be careful

And little by little the secret is revealed Become a good listener and a good listener.

That can hold the secret of many people ever

Knowing this You can choose whether you want to be a person who enjoys life or shows off smart, but still has to do it.

It also blocks the development of the A in many ways. Until in the end, he became a really stupid person.

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