June 8, 2023

31 Short thoughts to remind yourself, read and think back to yourself.

  1. Anyone will criticize us. Do not waste time to respond.
  2. When someone embraces you Let him be the one to let go first
  3. Self-assessment by your own standards. Not by other people’s standards
  4. Do not destroy anyone’s hope, because they may be left there.
  5. Do not hope that this life will be fair.
  6. Learn to do good things for others until it becomes a habit without the need for him to recognize.
  7. Remember that all kinds of news have been created.
  8. When playing games with kids, let you win.
  9. To think anything, think big. Keep it but add a little joy and fun
  10. Respect everyone who works for a living. No matter how hard the work he does,
  11. Consider living a life “wide” rather than living a “long life”.

12.Always be polite and patient with older people. Are you doing that or not?

  1. We do not fight “bad man”, but we fight “fear” in people.
  2. Think carefully before giving your friend the burden of keeping a secret.
  3. He is a humble person who has done anything to do with anything, since we were not born.
  4. When someone tells us that he has played a role in any important event, we don’t have to talk over it, let him be distracted.
  5. Know well Sometimes it only comes with a golden opportunity.

18.Stop reading descriptions of historic sites along the road.

  1. Give others a chance for the second time. “Two” but not to “three”
  2. Do not criticize the employer. If working with him is unhappy then quit.
  3. Keep yourself comfortable. Don’t think too much. If it’s not a bad thing then anything is not as important as first thought.
  4. Spend a little time thinking ‘who’ is right, but spend a lot of time thinking ‘what’ is right.

23.Serious and concerned with oneself, but gentle and lenient to others

  1. Do not mobilize, because all the new and great ideas that can change the world are entirely from the one who invented it.
  2. Maintain openness, tenderness, and curiosity.
  3. Do not let our problems make other people bored if someone asks us. “How are you now?” I told him, “I’m fine.”
  4. Do not say that there is not enough time. Because the time you have it is twenty-four hours a day.
  5. Be courageous and resolute. When you look back at the past, you will regret what you wanted to do, rather than regret what you did.
  6. No matter how terrible you are in a situation… keep calm.
  7. People if they do not like anyone. Often find fault with others Even small things That others cannot see
  8. If someone comes to us, do not reply too much. Do you want to answer or what?

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