June 8, 2023

30 things a smart person can think But people generally ignore

  1. Start enjoying what you have.

Don’t think about what you don’t have yet. Or expected that there would be Because it hasn’t arrived yet and that

It becomes a very serious problem for many people, that they think they can be happy when they have it.

You must not forget that the things you have today are enough to bring you happiness.

(And to be honest, you’ve enjoyed it.) Smile at it.

  1. Become responsible for your own life.

Do not take your life to leave it with other people. You are the owner of your life.

Start paying attention Pay attention to it because you are the one who will have to live with it for the rest of your life. (And the last one too)

Taking responsibility for yourself is an important thing that you need to do. Don’t put the responsibility on others.

Because he is not responsible for your life. Only you will determine what your life will be like next.

  1. Start competing with yourself like before.

It would be a bad thing if you were going to be the same forever. You have to start looking at how you can get better.

What are the things you can get better than before? Don’t compete with others.

(And honestly, you don’t have to compete with other people), but focus on competing with yourself. Keep getting better

  1. Start thinking about possibilities and being positive.

Telling yourself that “it is possible” is the cornerstone of getting you the courage to move on. Dare to accept new opportunities

Positive thinking is the weapon to overcome negative attitudes that affect your life and feelings.

Try talking to yourself. When do you feel negative Turn it into positive thinking

Do what you believe in. Do what you want it to happen.

Everything has two sides. It is about which side you will be more interested in.

  1. Began to look for hope, even when

People have to face many problems and Times that make us collapse until we hardly get up, don’t just give up.

He is looking for hope that is a little better than nothing. Even a little light in the dark

But that made it so completely dark that it couldn’t be seen. Remember to tell yourself that every hard time will make you stronger.

This hope will lead you to something better someday to come.

6.Start paying attention to a little beauty

Instead of waiting for something big to impress. Take a look at something gorgeous around you.

That, while not being anything big, is valuable. Smiles from those around you The kindness of people who have passed, etc.

These things make you feel that the world still has something good. Many more for you to search Happiness is all around you.

You don’t always have to wait for something new and sometimes it can change your life instantly.

7.Start towards the goals you set every day.

Do not procrastinate. You know very well what your goals are and you will never reach them.

If you do not step towards it Plan well and do it every day. Little will keep it moving.

So what did you start to do today? Then one day you will surely reach your goal.

8.Start accepting things Even if it’s not perfect

Remember that “perfect” is the enemy of “good” because it makes many

At times you are not satisfied with the good and that you already have. It is true that you may have anger.

And a dream that was meant to be, but many times

You have to admit to what you get, even if it’s not perfect, it’s “good”.

And while the result may not be a perfect 100, the value of it may not be the only result.

But there are also many stories that happened along the way.

  1. Begin to forgive yourself and others.

Carrying out the blame for anger can lead to nothing but the bondage that plunges us into our emotions and fights.

Let it go by telling forgiveness, especially to yourself.

Then spread it to others with forgiveness, not as if you forgot what happened or like it never happened.

Rather, it is you accept it and let it be the past instead of haunting the present.

  1. Become serious about your relationship.

Taking relationship seriously is part of creating value in your own life. Face your partner and tell him

How important is he to you? You can’t be everywhere Like everyone

But you can be everywhere It can be given to “some” people, and you have to choose (conquer) who they are.

  1. Become interested in what you can control.

You can’t change everything. But at least you have something you can control and that is.

Something that you should focus on and focus on it. Don’t waste your time on things you can’t control.

But make the most of your time with what you can “do”.

  1. Start cheering other people.

Cheering and winning with others is one of the things that makes you appreciate something other than yourself.

You have to be brave enough to tell what people you admire. Begin to appreciate what others are and support them

Congratulations to him It is a major step forward in seeing other beauties. That there are many around you

  1. Beginning to observe how perfect you are now.

How good are you to have rice How good are you to have a change of clothes?

How good are you to have water to shower? There is a house to live, there is electricity to use, there is a warehouse, clean water to drink, etc.

You have a lot of perfection that you may have never been able to see, take a closer look and you will see how good your life is.

  1. Begin revealing your true feelings.

If you were told that you were dead, no one created monuments for you that kept your feeling.

On the other hand Expressing your feelings will help those around you understand you better.

And it allows you to find a way to be with other people more than having to endure patience and forbearance.

  1. Begin being yourself sincerely and proud.

What is better than feeling good about yourself? No matter what state you are in How is it based?

You are good enough to be happy with yourself. (At least you’re still alive)

Don’t try to be someone else or someone you are not, for that is a unnecessary look at yourself.

Be who you are In the best way The way that you are most proud of.

16.Start observing and living in the present

Being in the present is the secret to being happy. If you keep thinking about the past

You will not go anywhere. If you’re only worried about the future You will forget to look at the present.

Remember, it all starts with “today”, not “yesterday” or “tomorrow”.

  1. Begin to value the mistakes that teach you.

Every mistake is a lesson that will make you grow up. It is worthwhile to be looked at.

And prioritize rather than ignore it Mistakes are the steps to success.

Value and learn with each step of your life. In order to bring you to a new and better day

  1. Begin to be polite to yourself.

What good is it if you curse yourself for cursing? We all know that.

The use of horrible words only makes you feel bad.

You shouldn’t hurt the person you should love the most. (It’s you, that’s yourself) with words like that.

  1. Start confronting your problems.

Problems do not define who you are. But how do you deal with the problem?

When faced with it, it is something that reflects your individuality.

Likewise, problems will never go away if you don’t take action. Start solving problems

Little by little, though But it is the step that keeps you moving forward, not still.

  1. Begin being honest with yourself in everything.

You already know what is good and what is not. And what needs to be adjusted

But because in the past you were not honest with yourself and did not take any action.

It is therefore imperative that you start being honest with yourself for who you are.

What do you want and what you need to do? The person who is responsible for you is yourself.

And you are the one who will design yourself. Design it in the most honesty.

Be honest with it the most Because that’s what you can expect from you as well.

  1. Began to focus on creating happiness for yourself.

Your needs are always important as well as your value. If you still don’t value yourself

So who can come and replace it again? Remember that you can find a way to make yourself happy while

Can still care about the people around you Not just caring for other people so that they do not give themselves happiness

  1. Start spending time with the right people.

Being with the right person People you should care for And the person who cares about you is the most valuable time slot of your life.

They are people who make you feel the value of having important people by your side.

They give you true love and friendship.

Look for them to find out who they are. They are people who live with people in trouble.

He is the one who accepts who you are, as well as what you wish to be, without any precautions. Find those people

  1. Start creating your own happiness.

Some people go to wait to enjoy the happiness of others. And even more if you wait It is even more like taking your life to leave it with others.

Which does not know when it will be successful So why don’t you create your own happiness for yourself?

Better find your own happiness that you can do yourself. That happiness always appears

When you try to find it and take it seriously. You’ll find it in your life anyway.

  1. Start giving opportunities to your ideas or dreams.

Your idea may not be a new idea. Maybe your dreams are a duplicate of others.

But it’s not that it doesn’t have a chance to make it come true. Your idea is worth experimenting.

Tested, your dreams deserve to be able to find Even if it doesn’t work, it’s fine.

But at least give him some “life” than it does not happen at all.

  1. Begin to believe that you are ready for the next move.

You can tell yourself that you are ready. You have everything ready to keep you going.

Just that step may be short, or it will only be if the opportunity reaches you.

You should just grab it (huh) because you have good enough to seize the opportunity.

  1. Start a new relationship for a good enough reason.

People around you are another side of

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