June 8, 2023

3 A word of caution Remind every age Never out of date (Remind very good)

After working abroad for 20 years, the big boys thought it was time to return to their hometown.

The employer asked him if He will receive a bonus for all 20 years back.

Or to receive three warnings from him, he asked for time to think for one night. He is usually a person who loves and respects employers.

Because the employer is smart and loves him He believed that

The warning from the employer must be valuable to him.

Will accept a warning instead of all bonus money The employer warned him as follows.

  1. Do not think of a shortcut to your goal.

It is possible that everything has to stand on the basis of reality.

  1. Do not waste time or take a mental risk.

Must be strong because it may lose the future

  1. Do not make angry decisions in an angry mood.

Because it may cause regret for the rest of your life when you finish the warning

The employer gave him 3 loaves along with the last month’s wages.

Largest loaf To bring it out to eat after returning home

Then he began his journey home. Many days passed The first bread was half eaten.

When walking to the third road, not sure which way to walk, ask the passerby.

The first one tells him to walk the shortcut.

Although the path is a little small But the distance is much closer, and the other person tells him to take a bigger route.

Even if the road is a little far away But walking conveniently and safely with the heart that misses the wife at home

Do not come home quickly. So he decided to take a shortcut when he walked a certain distance.

There was someone coming in the opposite direction Tell him to hurry and get away. There is a big arrow in front.

He thought of the employer’s warning. “Don’t think of a shortcut to your goal.”

He hurriedly turned back to the next big road. Walked for several days, the second loaf was half gone.

In the evening, looking for a small hotel along the road, stay overnight, and in the middle of the night hear the beautiful singing from the lady outside the hotel

Be honest, do not go out to look at that woman’s face because her music is so sweet.

But when I think of the employer’s second warning, “Don’t waste your time or risk anything”.

I thought, so I calmed my mind and fell asleep. In the morning I walked out of my room.

The hotel owner told him Good luck to see you safe A guest came out last night in search of a woman’s song.

Was chased by the owner of the song, a woman with a knife, chasing the knife until he was nervous.

Walked for several more days and was close to home.

The first 2 loaves are all just right. Hasten footsteps Before traveling to the village, the sky was completely dark.

When I arrived at the front of the house About to reach out to knock on the door for joy Hears his wife talking to another man in the house

He was furious, sure that his wife would definitely commit adultery while he was away from home.

So he grabbed the knife and was about to break the door into the house. Then just remembered the third warning, “Do not make a rash decision With an angry mood “

When he was conscious, he collapsed and sat in front of the house all night.

In the morning, I’m sure that I can control my emotions.

Gradually decide to knock on the door, the wife opens the door When he saw him, he was very happy.

Instead, he had a rather indifferent face. He asked his wife who the man in the house was.

The wife smiled before answering that Is it our son?

I was obsessed, just a few months after you left the house, a young man walked out of the room. The face of a young man is like his father.

The father and son met for the first time, hugged each other’s necks and cried with joy.

Both parents and children on the dining table, he took the largest loaf out of his luggage.

Prepare to share and eat with everyone in the house. When tearing the bread out, it was discovered that

There was a large sum of money in that loaf, which was all his bonus for 20 years.

He told the wife of all the warnings made by the employer to the wives. You are an adult whom he has always loved and respected.

A valuable reminder that helped him arrive home in a safe, indebted way this time.

It was something he and his family would remember and never forget the three warnings.

It has become the principle of life for everyone in this family forever.

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