October 4, 2023

20 Insights before going to bed Read and feel more comfortable and understand the essence of life.

Before going to bed tonight, I would like you to read many of these insights and reflect on them to apply them to your own life.

May not agree at all Can’t do it at all But let you choose the best and the right one

Applied to life It may make your life happier.

  1. Known to recognize, to adapt, to forgive, to share, to know, to know, to be hard, to relax, to be light and happy
  2. Find a hundred places of peace. Still not as good as the peace of mind Know a hundred people Not as good as knowing only one person
  3. The heart is clean. Can be placed, the heart is relieved Cool down, my heart is cool Forgiveness, the heart is calm
  4. As the moon’s shadow is born from the stillness of the water, so wisdom comes from the stillness of the heart.
  5. When there is, know it. When you get to know enough When asking, know the value People are born, the time has come to leave.
  6. The irreversible thing is time, the imperative thing is death, and what cannot be bought is health and life, the unseen is the heart of the people. What you have to be patient is your own heart.
  7. The fire is not hot if we do not bring ourselves close to any suffering. Does not make us heavy If we do not take care of it.
  8. Encouragement may be obtained from those around you. But strength We have to create it ourselves.
  9. I couldn’t go back and fix anything yesterday. So there is a tomorrow Let us continue to do good things
  10. The only person who can help you through all problems is “you”.
  11. There are only 2 chaos in the world: “Go in love” and “Go fall in love”.

12.Sometimes encouraging In addition to being there for everyone Must keep it for yourself as well

  1. When deciding to move forward Do not be shaken by the problem To meet
  2. Wise people see opportunities in every problem. Wise people see problems at every opportunity.
  3. Every time we do not understand each other, it is not wrong to say, but it is wrong that we do not apologize.
  4. Peace of mind does not come from doing everything you want. But it was born from the heart who accepted that Nothing will reach our hearts at all.
  5. Different people have different ideas. Different minds, do not look at one’s thoughts, if different thoughts
  6. Read an important publication. Read an event more important than others. Read more important. Read yourself out. Most important.

19.If you can think about it, help you think; if you can’t think about it, help it if you can’t cooperate. If cooperation is not encouraging, even if you cannot encourage, keep calm.

20.Not suffering That makes us think a lot But because we think so much Causing suffering

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