June 8, 2023
12 thoughts to teach children Make him a wise man (During this time, the more I have to teach)

12 thoughts to teach children Make him a wise man (During this time, the more I have to teach)

  1. Parents who say “I don’t want anything from my children. Just wish you happiness. “

Are parents who have a need More than any kind of parent Because he will do many more things To make your child happy

He became a cowardly parent. Not admitting that Suffering is a part of life. Think again. Think about happiness as well. Your child needs to be suffering as well.

Not only love and happiness That makes your child strong Suffering is the same.

  1. The Best Not the best

Do not give only the best for your child. Your child deserves the best of both worlds. What is in the middle

And what is the most difficult thing for your child to live as vast as the sky.

  1. A wise person has a path of his own.

Any parent wants their children to have intelligence. And be yourself Must admit that your child

Must be stubborn and not obey him. Who will easily be in the sermon

  1. When you wish your child to be wealthy

You will do many more things. That destroys your child’s talents Only if you don’t care if your child is you

Then your child May grow to become an important person in the world

  1. The good, the happiness and the smart

Good parents should give their children two things. That is goodness and happiness.

Ask your child to look for him for himself, just stand apart and give him encouragement.

  1. Your true responsibility

It will only happen after he is freed.

How can he take responsibility for his own life? If he doesn’t have the right to choose In his life

  1. If you understand humanity

You will understand for yourself that What should be done to your child? Parents should understand their minds. More than anything Various feelings That is in you

Inevitably exists in your child And is present in all human beings as well

  1. Love and fear are thin lines.

Sometimes the love of parents Comes with fear Which parents use love to raise their children? The child is himself, any parent who uses fear to raise their children.

Children inevitably grow into a slave to society.

  1. He taught his children to live a simple life. But he bought something expensive for him

He taught his children not to divide the caste. But he stopped him from playing with his neighbor.

He taught that happiness is the most important thing. While you issue an order

Let him do things that are constantly suffering. It is really confusing for your child.

A parent’s teaching is not a teaching. But only the actions of parents Will be an instruction for children

  1. Do not rush to make your child an adult beyond his age.

Children should grow properly. Precocity Would make him a very perfect human being

  1. You can use the word raising children for communication.

But in terms of feelings You should not feel that you are raising a child. The feeling that you are raising a child is too strong. May you feel that you are learning better from your children.

Because the word learn Causing him to return to be a student again Being a student Would be more fun than being a professor

  1. Of course, every parent has experience.

But you should not convey the whole experience. To your child Something to convey Something to keep

Even using their old experiences In raising all children Your child would have lived the same life as you.

Always remember, parenting is great.

Because you have to face the risks In a world that you don’t know You never know that Your upbringing What will lead your child to? But that’s not a problem

Life is a gift When you know it all Gifts are inevitable, every child deserves the gift that life gives. Therefore it is correct

That you and your child You will not be able to predict the future. Do not turn your child away. Just because it’s stormy outside

Let him fly into the heart of the storm With an adventurer’s heart While you must also not forget that You yourself have to fly, your children, you and we all have our own lives.

Don’t give up parentage It makes you forget this fact. And finally, be proud of your parentage.

Whether your child is good at learning Or do not study To be rich or poor A great person or a normal person

These things do not bring value. Of your parentage Decrease or increase

Because you have created the greatest thing That is human Because only parents That can create human beings

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