October 4, 2023

Write a very good reminder. Wall of intolerance

After 2 years of marriage

My husband told me that she would bring her mother. The husband has only one mother left. His father passed away when he was little. My mother raised and passed him until his degree, without his mother he would not have been successful in life. I didn’t hesitate to reply to my husband, “I prepared a room on the east side for my mother.” For the mother to have planted a wooden flower on the balcony. Will be able to breathe air in the morning

And in the afternoon, Mom’s room will not get hot from the sun. My husband stood and looked at me from the balcony. Don’t speak, don’t remember anything Came to hug me and said Let’s go get mom. Husband is tall. I like to hide in his chest. Feel warm every time Like a young girl protected by a beloved man This is what makes me love my husband so much. After Mom came to live with us Probably because they were not familiar with urban life Therefore often complaining to her husband

The first day I bought a wooden flower to put a vase.

Mom asked me how much I grip. I am telling you the price is half the actual price. Was scolded by her mother for being wasteful Too much money. I told my mother that the house had a wooden tree with a bright mood. Mother, she only bowed her head and complained. The husband saw him and laughed and told his mother that It is the way of life of the city people, Mom We don’t have a garden to grow a flowerpot, just get a vase of teak wood to decorate the house. Just this is refreshing. Mom will get used to it by herself. Mom didn’t say anything further. Can only bow down as usual But every time I bought a wooden dog, my mother always asked me the price. I said it was scolded all the time. When shopping into the house Mom asked for the price. And complained that it was a waste of money Do not know how to save My husband twisted my nose and said, “Don’t tell Mom the real price.” I’ll be unable to sleep for three days and three nights. I can only laugh

The happy days are getting smaller .. when the mother-in-law is present.

The mother shows signs of dissatisfaction every time her husband gets up to make breakfast. My mother told my husband that Made with rice, it is the wife’s duty. But you’re the one who made your wife eat like this, is that right? During breakfast that day. My mother-in-law made a clearly dissatisfied expression, but I pretended to be indifferent. So mother took a spoon to scoop the rice.

And ate with a loud sound with a spoon hitting the bowl That was an expression of my mother’s displeasure, which my husband and I could perceive. I am a dance teacher in an art institute. Must teach the rope Teaching dance, music, etc. Working back home is tiring and tired. But Mother is kind enough to help out with housework. But there is one thing that is troubled by me. My mother doesn’t like to rinse the dishes with water, since I heard that there is some detergent that I have to wash again as I get closer to bed.

One night while I was enjoying the crockery.

The sound of slapping on the kitchen door and the sound of my mother shouting, What is she doing her Do you think your mother washes the cup unclean? After speaking, the mother ran into the room and cried out loud, like an offended child. My husband only looked at me and my mother’s room, unaware of who to comfort first.

That night, my husband refused to speak to me.

No matter how I prayed to him How does Jaggy him? He also refused to speak. I played until I was angry. So asked him loudly, “Explain, what did I do wrong?” Dishes are not clean. However, it doesn’t make you stingy. I listened and was stunned. I didn’t think my husband would speak this hard.

After several days my mother refused to speak to me, the atmosphere of the house became somber. During that time, the husband was extremely tired. Which cares about the feelings of mother Where would care about my feelings Because my mother would not let her husband make breakfast You volunteered to do it by yourself.

Mother gave her son food. Both smiling and talking to eat a lot As soon as my son looked at my daughter-in-law, eyes of lightning struck me from time to time. It was a sight to blame for her being such a bad wife. The next morning, I told my husband that there was an urgent teaching job. This morning is not eating as well. Because hurry to teach In fact, there were no students to come to study in the morning. Just I do not Being struck by the eye of the destroyer at me, just like yesterday

That evening my husband said to me

With a bit of anger that you disgust that my mother’s food was unclean. Do not want to eat breakfast? Then turned my back on me I looked at the third mee with a hint of heart, and the tears of his ear dripped down on his cheeks, and suddenly the husband sighed and said, ‘I beg you, can I begging you?’ Can you stay for breakfast before going to work? So I promised that with tears.

One morning, as I raised a cup of fish porridge to drink.

The smell of fish suddenly hit my nose, I hurriedly put down a bowl of boiled rice and covered my mouth with my hand. But it’s really unbearable I ran to the bathroom and whistled out in a loud voice. Enough oocy until the end of the stomach I saw my mother-in-law scolding and shaking my head, crying like I was hurt. When my husband looked at me scoldly, I felt shivering in my heart. I wasn’t making fun of it. I had inside my heart, my mother-in-law looked at me with an angry expression. Then ran outside The husband ran after his mother.

It’s been three days since my husband didn’t come home.

Even the phone won’t call back, I’ve been angry since my mother-in-law was there. How many times do I have to be humiliated? How many stories? What do you want to do with me again? But I feel strange. It was frustrating. What smell is it, it stinks all over the place? Hungry but unable to eat Until being told by a friend at the institute Your face is too pale Would you rather go to the doctor, in case the doctor can get a proper diagnosis?

After the examination The doctor smiled at me. Congratulations doctor. You have been pregnant for almost two weeks now. I reached Bang-or the day before I was pregnant. It was because I had a morning sickness. Why didn’t my husband and mother-in-law think of this cause? In front of the hospital, I saw my husband walking out of the car.

Three days without seeing each other

He looked very thin, originally I had to avoid him, but seeing his condition I couldn’t be worried. Therefore shouted out Niwat, the husband, looked over to the call. He stopped and looked at me like someone didn’t know.

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