October 4, 2023

Write a very good reminder. “There are three people in ours.”

At one of the Ban Rai temples Luang Ta just returned from an alms round. Saw a temple student sitting sobbing

So he went in and asked what was it. The disciple replied that

I was put in the mask. I did not steal money in the Buddha Hall. But I go in and sweep, mop, and mop a lot. Everyone will find that I am a thief. Nobody believed me, huh.

Luang Ta sat down beside him, nodded his head, understood and taught the disciple that

Do you know that there are three people in us?

The first is the person we want to be.

The second person is who others think we are.

The third person is who we really are.

The disciple stopped crying. Quietly listening to the royal eyes

We all have dreams. The dreams of the common man are not things. Sometimes dreams are beautiful. It is the power that keeps us going.

For example, some people are singers, boxers, stars, if we reach our goal, we will feel that the world is bright and beautiful. Therefore, we should have a dream to decorate ourselves. To nourish the heart Come on, the second one will be us, the way others force it to be. Sometimes it imposes that we are so excellent that we are embarrassed by our consciousness. We know that this is not true.

But we smile But sometimes this second one is so great that you don’t even think about it again, and it can happen all the time. Because it is the world in the hands of others It was a foreign matter that somebody else allowed the ten-wheeler to park on the side of the road alone. In the morning, I found the person under the car and had to drive away even though it was hit. The other side and pushed under the car But reputed to be a ten-wheeler Some people have already judged that he is a murder.

When Luang Tong was not ordained, used to send her husband to her friend. Because he saw that the house was a lonely alley Send it twice, it is a matter. Villagers gossip, accusing them of adultery with the villagers’ wives. The person who sees it looks at others with a broken heart, uncritical, narrow-minded, looking at others through the black mirror of his own heart. These people are everywhere in society.

You must remember

Every time we say that other people are bad, it is equal to us that the blackness of our hearts comes out. See someone’s bad things, remind yourself not to imitate them. That’s the way of the wise man. If you take that gossip, it’s the way of a bully.

Then we have to act In what way, since we have to meet them all the time.

The disciples stopped crying and began to speak to the grandfather.

You must understand the human mind. Learn that misunderstandings can happen. We can’t resist anyone. What we can’t do we can’t think of is but others force us. We should not pay more attention.

Because we can feel that it does not exist Our hearts should be calm. Still do not have to pay It is the other person’s mind who should wash the bleach cleaner than it is. They are poor people who have time to look at other people. But don’t have time to look at myself Be compassionate, let him go. Understood, right? Understood, Luang Ta The little boy smiled happily again.

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