June 4, 2023

“Why is he good? But we only have to step back. ”You know, really, we are a bit different

Don’t wait to be good and then do it. Because people do it and are good at anything if they don’t do it.

It is said that Indeed, people are only a little different.

  1. You are looking for an excuse.

He is solving the problem Therefore, his business is more successful than you.

  1. You enjoy spending

He is managing the assets. So he is richer than you.

  1. You are thinking of your own interests.

He is thinking and considering the interests of the other.

So he has better relationships with people than you.

  1. You lie in bed

He is exercising So he is healthier than you.

  1. You work all day

He was determined to work So he becomes your boss.

6.You are completing a project today.

He is planning a project for next year.

So he can occupy more opportunities than you.

Success has no miracles. There is only an avenue and continuous, non-stop action. To beat someone

Whether it is a family member, lover, friend, co-worker Does not bring any benefit at all

Can win, but it will create more cracks for the people we love. Winning anyone doesn’t fight to win their own hearts.

Arguing over the boss Did not progress in his career

Arguing and winning relatives, kinship was faded.

Arguing wins, customers win, and less customers.

Arguing and winning friends Fewer friends, less unity.

Argue and win the lover Love fades

Arguing who wins, who wins, is lost, can’t win

Win yourself to be a real winner.

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