June 4, 2023
Very good admonition, what does “quid” teach us?

Very good admonition, what does “quid” teach us?

C o v i d – 1 9 teach us what, they come to brake the fast-paced world The world is hot

I had time to take a break and meditate on something. Thank you for teaching the world that

  1. Do you see what humans want in the end?

It’s just factor 4, just have to eat, have a bed, have medical treatment, have clothes.

On the day of the crisis, what is the value of having an expensive car with these luxurious outfits compared to the front?

Wash the pieces on the day that we are short of One hard boiled egg on a hungry stomach.

  1. Where is the rich-poor?

Where is he – where are we? That religion – this religion, his nation – our nation, the age, the pain, has it ever been chosen?

  1. What are you working for?

To have money, money for something, to buy yourself time and happiness

Or family members today, they make sure you don’t have to go out and run frenzied Gave full time to the family

Really with myself And have we used that time? Looking for happiness in front of you or not? Have you listened to the people in front of you?

Have you listened to yourself? Or are you being impatient to be alone with someone named yourself?

Try making friends with him at this time. Stay with myself To be happy to be

  1. Today it is making us see for ourselves that when the real

All subjects we have The subject that everyone really used was the mind-keeping course. And the mind subjects learned to practice

It’s only on the head and the mouth. Or is it in the heart in every action?

Have you used it yet? Have you seen that you have to practice every day?

  1. When everything is not the same

The word is nothing is right, nothing is sure.

Or belong to us Has it stopped coming into our hearts?

  1. When crisis arises Our very essence will show us how selfish we are.

Who are committed to hoarding themselves to survive Some people insist on living the same.

Because he was confident in his own strength but did not think

Other people’s strength Or we choose to be selfless looking for a way

In helping others to survive together Giving up personal happiness for the public

  1. Work that has been complaining that you are tired. Do you see more value of work today?

How good it is to have a job How good is that someone still believes and believes

Let us be a part with him. Do you want to thank your customers, partners, bosses?

  1. Something that I used to do but I said that time

No more quits, after all, I can’t claim it.

  1. If we have to die today or the person we love has to leave.

Is there anything we haven’t done yet? Is there anything that we regret? Yes, the hundreds of masks we have in our house?

Yes, there are millions of gold? Or just ask for an opportunity to do good

With people we love to take care of, tell love, including the opportunity to create benefits, collect merit

Has helped people Collect noble possessions in your heart that will continue on the journey with us. The time we still have

What do we use it with? Spent on love or hate Used in either acquisition or giving away Spend it on finding fault with other people.

Or developing one’s own mind Had been born Some people wait old and do the dread. Is it waiting for us?

Finally, thank you to this theme for coming to heal all the people of the world.

Awoke from sleepwalking all my life Thank you for letting us know that we should not be careless with every breath. Be conscious with yourself.

Make the most of every breath Be with the person in front of you The things ahead and present while getting to know you.

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