June 8, 2023

Try reading for a bit .. “Review past life”

1 if you think you are valuable because you have money

When the money runs out Your value is lost.

If you think you are worth it because of good looks, you get older. Until the face is not good, your value is exhausted

But as long as you know you are worth Because it is a good person As long as you are good, you will be valuable forever.

2 Do not hold the blame for anger.

Not worthy, do not check yourself in the past.

Destiny, we do not let anyone draw a line, do not take a word that is like a knife.

  1. Please observe carefully. That the things that cause us suffering the most

Each day is not someone else’s behavior, but our own thoughts.

4 Danger is normal, but living

Living with value is a miracle.

5 thanks to people who do bad

It is a good example of what not to do.

6 As we are able to practice walking as well.

Can train the mind until it is happy

7 We are suffering from him.

Have mercy on him..we are happy.

8 Each year, make life better.

Because each day life is getting shorter.

9 being in the present is not stopping the things that matter

But it is to stop suffering from trivial matters.

10 All kinds of negative emotions will hurt us first.

To always treat others, all kinds of positive emotions will always bless us before blessing others as well.

11 small good deeds that have been done for a long time

In the end, it may create a miracle of life.

12 how fast you can go Only quickly arrived

How fast can it be released? Only happy soon

13 criticizing other people every day

Heart low every day, research yourself every day. The heart grows higher every day.

14 The First Steps to Living as a Awakening

Is to stop messing around with other people and then look back and analyze yourself

15 All the suffering in life Not caused by What other people think about you

But it is caused by What you think That other people think about you

16 Remember that all suffering and misery

It does not come into our lives to deliver the word, but it does it through in our lives to deliver the teachings.

17 mental training and self-improvement may not keep us Free from suffering forever

But it gives us Suffer less

18 Best Fighting

Is to correct one’s thoughts, words and actions.

19 if no one makes you angry

You will never know where your mental level is if no one is causing you suffering. You will never know what you have to improve.

20 no matter how many people outside we are with

But inside we are always alone, find a way to love yourself because there is no one in the world to be with you. As consistent as yourself

21 No matter how severe the suffering is

The solution is never farther than our own.

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