June 8, 2023

These 5 words are kept to teach your children. The more you speak, the more you give up Will not fight

5 words to teach children not to speak, because the more you speak, the more you give up.

  1. Tired

When you say this word, your body will respond instantly with weakening.

  1. Lazy

You shouldn’t even joke. Because it creates irresponsibility

  1. Discourages

Because only this word sprang All energy, both physically and mentally, will decline.

  1. Long

When you say the word “A”, it will immediately block your ability.

  1. I can’t

Will expel yourself from what you have done Or blocking learning

On the other hand, five catchphrases say “Ensure a good life” can teach yourself.

  1. I can

You should always speak to yourself or say it to someone close to you. It will be like a key

To help you get to your destination Because saying I can give you the momentum that motivates you to believe You will do different things Them to succeed

No matter how tough it is Because if you start doing something with the idea that I can’t, it’s too difficult, so is it better? If you start everything with I can

  1. I’m lucky

Say it often, the more you say, the more luck you say. Because to say that I am fortunate in that, this matter like

I’m lucky to have a good boyfriend. I am fortunate to do this job. I am fortunate to have a loyal girlfriend, etc. It will make good fortune come to you more often.

Like the law of gravity Your subconscious will always try to look for the things that bring good luck without your knowledge. Knowing this

So it’s no surprise that the lucky ones I keep getting lucky until I am so lucky, and people who say they are unlucky are always running around with that kind of bad luck, right? Think about it.

  1. Sorry

It’s a word that you should always carry with you next to thank you, and should always be used without embarrassment. Either you are wrong or right.

Saying sincerely apologizing first is not shameful. Or lose your dignity Because if each party took pride, no one dared to start saying sorry, the world would have had only problems. Escalate

Is the trigger of the fracture. And destroying good feelings And various friendships That when it has passed away, it is difficult to restore it to its original state Remember, apologizing first, not you who lost, you are the one who won.

  1. I’m fine

All of us have made mistakes. Not the only one But when mistakes happen You have to be brave enough to give yourself a chance to say I’m okay too.

Because if you’re still stuck with the mistakes it already made Blame yourself

And constantly drowning in such mistakes It doesn’t get any better. Let’s just let go and take the time to fix that, isn’t it better ???

  1. Thank you

This first word is a short word. But has the greatest power Because this word will help attract good things To enter your life endlessly You just appreciate what happened.

And always thanking them Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, thanking you for a good thing.

It will make you more deeply aware of the value of that and that good things will come and go again and again.

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