June 8, 2023
The reason we have to be silent When someone offends (Can be used in real life)

The reason we have to be silent When someone offends (Can be used in real life)

If you are not satisfied with anyone, remember, it is best to be silent. Because the feeling is just Flickering mood People tend to let negative emotions. That happened only temporarily. Always come to dominate themselves

Which many times Where all those emotions Has returned to hurt even the feelings of himself and those around him at the same time, just because of the unknown Regulating their emotions to a good enough level

This includes refusing to keep reminding yourself that anger is just a fleeting emotion. That happened a temporary time It is best not to take it yourself. Go into damage because it is better Avoid making the situation worse. If you can see that

The hot situation in front of me Began to get worse. Until he could sense the feeling of dissatisfaction that existed in himself I should cool my heart more by using the stillness that I have to overcome all the events that are being faced. And avoid talking or debating with others.

If you’re afraid of accidentally saying something out of the way, just wait and calm down. And then to start talking honestly For reasons and results that are good enough Create a good image for yourself Because of the good image Considered essential In the life of every society, especially in the working-age society Often faced with obstacles and problems, including many people, which is a major cause. Of conflicts and impatience that may arise

If you can control your emotions Including the situation in front of it appropriately May be viewed with admiration From the eyes of those around him that Are mature enough As an aid in the mindfulness Many times the silence Is usually a good helper In using to restore consciousness Because it is like We are sinking with ourselves. And reviewed various stories Under those silence Which contributes to the ability to think To something that was previously overlooked Making him become more calm

When practicing myself to learn to use mindfulness Under the greater silence May contribute to us becoming people That is more calm within himself as well Which is the essence of this calmness It is the advantage that we make fewer mistakes and lessen our self-sufficiency. And the people around you lose their feelings even more as well It is a waste of time.

Some matters are considered to be a waste of time in life. Especially with matters that are often used only in the setting of emotions There are no reasonable reasons.

The ideal solution is These emotional problems should be overlooked and turned into looking for the cause. Including appropriate causes and effects What is involved Causing bad situations They would be better off. Not stepping up to the breaking point Believe that everyone will not do Creating a dissension Or the breaking point between relationships To happen to someone for sure

Because it might not seem like a proper matter If one day they had to stop getting to know each other Just because of emotional problems that do not know how to control oneself

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