June 8, 2023

Teapot warns against The way of thinking of the wise

There was a high-value teapot in a house. It is a crow made from the most special type of clay of China, so it is nodded at the head of the bed.

There is one night Not careful His hand hit the lid of the teapot and fell onto the floor. Both angry and hurt Thinking that the lid was broken Why do you keep the crow to look hurt? Think so Therefore took the teapot and threw it out the window

In the morning I woke up from my bed.

Saw the lid of the teapot fall on the cotton shoes at the bedside Nothing is broken The teapot was thrown away, and it was even more hurt and trampled on the lid until it shattered.

When late when I walked outside the house appeared

The teapot that was thrown out that night Still on the tree, nothing is damaged.

Some stories wait a little, wait and see for a moment, because some things may be It is not what we see, we understand. Flawlessness is like a bad devil. Practice to calm down. That is the path of the wise.

If you are impatient, get angry, complain a lot, here are 10 things that may be more or less helpful.

  1. Try to make some noise while you are giving time to help dispel your anger. And the action More So if in that situation We can cover our ears, close our eyes, and close them completely. Listen, do not see anything that will further upset us. Focus on counting the numbers first
  2. Try counting from 1 to 10. Have you ever heard of it? That time will heal everything if time can make the heartbroken back to strength as before Time can help you calm down as well. A simple way is, before we speak or walk into someone who wants to try to force yourself to take a deep breath. Count 1 to 10 slowly.

Mindfulness is the number that counts, forgetting words and thoughts. That came into my head just a moment ago It’s like meditation.

  1. Think about other people besides yourself when you are in anger. We tend to think only of ourselves. Ignoring others Aside from ignoring the other party that he would have any reason That we do not know Also forgot to think of many people we love To suffer from our actions, our parents, sisters, relatives, friends, and close friends may be humiliated by actions that are not involved. Or may need to take care of the hospital, we go to bail us.

From the police station Or compensate for damages to the parties It all happens from anger for a fraction of a second.

  1. Try to get some time to calm down. If the situation in front of us does not help us to do those things May try asking to walk away from the incident To find a quiet place to be alone or with someone we trust

Then do everything according to item 1-4, the past may take 10-30 minutes, say the other party to complete that ask for a moment. Giving each person a moment to rest and breathe and disappear I certify that consciousness is definitely coming.

  1. Try to slow things down. The violent incident It is because we are impulsive Let your emotions take control of every action without stuttering, so try to slow things down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, even if you’re angry, force yourself to slow down. Every word that is spoken, try to scrutinize the words out of the contemplation that they are appropriate for the situation or not.

What will be good when I say it? Come back or not If you speak only because your emotions are selective, keep those words in mind first.

  1. Try to get to know “forgive” this word looks like For many people, but in some situations Slightly We can easily forgive each other and will quickly resolve any issues that arise just because we have a ‘forgiving’ heart, regardless of whether the service is serving the wrong food. Being driven by a car to wipe the face Or being stepped on by a stranger These are the trivial things.

That we can live happily if we can forgive. And let go of these actions possible

  1. Try “sorry”. Use it as a simple word that many people rarely say. Because of having a high opinion Saying sorry does not always mean that we were at fault for the situation. We may apologize for wasting both of us time. Sorry for showing a bad mood before. Sorry that I escaped just a moment ago.

Every event that happened We can say sorry When we say sorry The other person will feel better. Cool mood It may be easier to compromise too.

  1. Try to stay silent and let the law handle it. The use of emotion is above the law. Is a gangster character Our country has laws that can condone the offenders. If we are confident that we have not done anything wrong We should stay still and wait for the law to punish the offenders. Because if we speak even more

The more the anger May lose the case until we have to pay damages for the other party in spite That we were not wrong at that time Our society should be livable. If we live with consciousness, “Thai people must love each other,” according to the father’s teachings, remember each other carefully.

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