June 8, 2023

Reminder “Do not think that you are good. Above others “

Don’t act like a “Phan Li horse”, a young Pan Li horse. Waiting for an expert to see it While waiting, a merchant came to meet him.

The merchant then asked the Pan Li, “Are you going with me?” Good footsteps like me. Why do I have to deliver things to you? Which is an ordinary merchant “

The soldier came and asked, “Will you agree to go with me?” Why should I go to serve? A normal soldier like you “

The master came and said, “Are you willing to go with me?” I am a thousand li horses. Why are you going to work hard to serve you who is your master? “

However, until day after day, year after year, the horse was still unable to find the master he had always dreamed of. Until the nobles knew the news about the Phan Li horses The nobles came out of the royal palace. According to the royal order to find the thousands of li horses Phan Li horses and nobles met.

The Phan Li said, “I am the Panli horse you are looking for.” So the nobleman asked, “Phan Li’s horse, do you know the path of our country?”

So the nobles asked, “Have you ever fought a battlefield?” Ma Phan Li said, “no.” Each thousand li night eight hundred li “

The nobles let the thousand miles run their horses, using all their strength to run. The nobleman said, “You can’t get old.” After he finished speaking, he walked away.

This story teaches you that

Waiting is not good for you, so waiting for the next day, waiting not busy, waiting for the next time, waiting, having waiting time, having conditions, waiting, having money, waiting, waiting, waiting until there is no Vasana, waiting until there is no waiting until No good quality

Wait until I don’t get the chance There is no choice .. without beauty, one cannot predict the future. Many stories that come through my life Became passed out forever I hurry to do what I want to do. Do not let yourself be left with regret that you did not do. Sometimes good opportunities don’t come often. When there are good hogas in your life Should immediately grab it and do it with all your might.

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