June 8, 2023
No matter how much money you have If you want your child to be good .. then raise him like a poor

No matter how much money you have If you want your child to be good .. then raise him like a poor

Even if you have a lot of money, if you do not give your children well. Must raise children on the ground

Many parents, of course, have been through Having had quite a bit of trouble Until there is today Many people have been struggling before, trying to care for their children as comfortable as possible so that they can get whatever they want. There must be more than the same age friends. A friend has a new bag, it must be newer than his friend.

If you eat anything, you must have it.

Angel raising children

With the wrong idea that it does not make your child difficult like we did when we were young When you raise a baby like this. It is your own child who will suffer the most until now a new law is established: The disease does not recognize difficulties. New diseases that are common to children today

Caused by parents who did not build immunity for their children since they were young Did not let children go out to face the world Of the fact that In life, people are either rich or poor. Everyone has to face difficulties too. There is no one who will be comfortable for the rest of his life.

Some parents are afraid to use their children. I do not dare to let my children do anything by themselves. The child is only responsible for studying. But in reality, in today’s society, studying well alone is not enough in life. For example, a father who never taught his children difficulties. Never far away from parents Has only the duty to study This father sent children to study university. Famous schools in the capital In a luxury condo, rent, living expenses, living expenses, father leave for all Even though the home position is not very good

But this father gave in for not And make children difficult When does your child call? The first word I heard was asking for extra money, not enough money to do a business, which this father sent the money to keep. Even cars that do not need to be used Until finally the truth is revealed The child asks for extra money every month, it is not used to pay for the agency or the business that he told his father, but to take it to the drunken bars in the pubs.

The father is deeply saddened. Can only blame himself for Never taught children about difficulties Never taught their children how to make money by themselves There is something to offer From small to growing Until cultivating many bad habits Even if you are rich in the sky. Asked to raise a child in a simple and easy way and taught him to be disappointed To know some difficulties Your child will continue to grow strong and become a good force for the country.

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