June 8, 2023
I want everyone to read admonition, “Love your work. But don’t love the company because he doesn’t love you. “

I want everyone to read admonition, “Love your work. But don’t love the company because he doesn’t love you. “

If you are proud of your job position

I’m working for the company and I think the company loves you very much.

But if one day, you can’t do anything for the company. Had to stay for several months (The benefits have been exhausted) Soon the company will hire new people to replace us.

This is true We are not suggesting that you quit your job or love the company, but you have to make some allowance.

What you should love is the work and professional skills in the field of work that you do. Don’t expect a lot of companies. People love their jobs, but don’t love them because they don’t love you as you think.

Reminds to the staff at Are working all the time for the company.

  1. The work that never runs out Our responsibility to the company What you do will never run out of things.

Even if you try to do it all night Tomorrow, you will have to meet other jobs.

The reward for someone who works well is… You will be offered a new, heavier job.

  1. Don’t be so devoted to the company that you forget to spend time with your family. Taking care of your many customers is good for the company.

But caring for your family and loved ones It is also very important, and you are the only one who can do a good job as a parent, husband and wife for your family.

When you are sick, the person who takes care of you is a family member.

As for the boss? During your vacation, the supervisor’s home is recovered. Then throw our work to a colleague instead

  1. Life is not just about work; socializing, meeting people, relaxing outside, is also an important part of life.

Don’t let your life be empty. The company never thought of being on your side. Already out of work

The problem between the employer and the employee is a problem that has been around for a long time.

Because with different attitudes of each party The employer only thinks that

Pay them enough that they are satisfied will not quit. Employees must work enough to not get fired and earn enough money each month.

  1. People who work late every day are not diligent people. The company will see you as an inefficient employee. Unable to complete work within the job time

Level of dedication to work does not imply quality in you. But getting the job done in the most efficient way

In the least amount of time That is an indicator of quality in you.

  1. If you have a lot of work And having to work late at night on a regular basis because he was unable to do it in time

Do not think that it is because you are incompetent, but because

Your supervisor is the one who has the best management and distribution efforts.

  1. When you have a problem with your company, chairman, CEO, director or dear customer. Not interested in helping you

In matters of personal life But the people who always help are our family and friends, our problems are our problems, but our problems are not company problems.

The insights gained from working for 5 years

  1. Should be saving money from the first year of work.

Because in the first year of work you will enjoy spending your money that you forget to save money.

  1. Do not work until your health is neglected.

There is no substitute for the health that is lost. This is the most important.

  1. Family is the most important thing.

The company doesn’t love you as much as your family. If you work hard today

In the next 2 months the company has hired new people to work for you.

  1. A colleague has both “friends” and “acquaintances”. Don’t expect them.

That all your coworkers will be your best friends.

  1. Try to learn things. In addition to anything related to the work you are always doing.

A lot of things that you don’t think it has to do with work. It can be applied to work.

  1. English is very important.

If you work regularly, it can increase your salary, but if you

Own a business It can make you richer.

  1. Make the most of your vacation.

Do not be afraid, because it is your right.

  1. Patience and patience are very important.

And most importantly, learn to smile

  1. I used to work hard. Left the house, left the family Leave friends for work, for clients, for company

Finally, I learned that the rewards I received are

Free money, free accommodation, free accommodation, it is impossible to compensate for what I have lost.

  1. The fastest way to raise salary is

Moving a job, not a position in the same company

  1. When you talk about resigning

If he offers a position, if you stay That is a serious matter

You stay, you don’t get in the position (if that’s true, you’ve been in the position for a long time).

12.The ability to find knowledge on your own

And dare to be trial and error Will help you go further

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