June 8, 2023

How to spend your life at the end To meet only peace

  1. Generous, old, do not have to be very strict with yourself. Open up

Like eating something and eating (be careful with health problems), want to wear whatever, wear Don’t ask the value

You don’t have to worry about spending money, it’s a life time you should spend it for yourself. If you are not very generous with yourself Finally, when you leave, the money will not go with it.

  1. Live by yourself People when they grow old. I still have to rely on myself. Children can not be with us forever.

Do not take the hope of letting your child take care of us when you are old and leave it to him. Is like adding pressure to them

When you go to be with your children, they often say things that should not be said. Make it unhappy Fight at your own home Live in peace Keep it simple each day with your savings from a young age.

Don’t share the treasure with your child too quickly. Remember that your parents are your children, but your children are not their parents. When the time you open your hand to ask for money Will know how heavy it is

  1. Do not pay merit to our people when they are old. Don’t bring little things to talk about all the time.

Have you helped anyone Do others do good to you? Let go You just know who you are. For example, if your child asks you to take care of your grandchildren.

Do not be frustrated all day. Then complained in front of the grandchildren that Difficult if you do it, do it, if you are not willing to do it, just find an excuse. Find a way to deny it.

  1. Colorful life Make our lives more colorful and vibrant. Make life full of music, find interesting activities.

Listen to your favorite music, dance, don’t make yourself feel bad. Relaxing mood, beaming

Leave all troubles and sorrows away. Make yourself happy

  1. Worry-free, life without worry. Children’s story Anything you can do to help is to help.

Anything outside or the kids don’t want your help. There is no need to worry It will become good and not good to make your children. So annoyed

Their story Do not intervene We are old enough to manage our affairs, no need to mess with other people’s problems, even more busy making yourself difficult.

  1. Good Health Having good health and being physically fit is the most important thing.

The more you get older, the more important it is, just the healthier you eat healthy food. Get enough sleep and walk on your own as you get older.

Need to maintain health, take care of yourself more Pay less attention to other people’s matters. Exercise and learn how to properly care for your health.

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