October 4, 2023

How to Choose a Friend Read and understand more

A young man walked in to the store to buy a bowl.He picked up a bowl, when he saw the one he liked, knocked the one in his hand to the one he liked. To hear the sound of bowls clanging

When the two bowls hit each other Becomes a heavy sound Not as loud as he thought. He was disappointed, but shook his head and then .. he chose one new bowl one after another. Every bowl made him shake his head and every single one was disappointed. None of them could satisfy him. Even the blade that the owner had chosen for him, which was the grandmaster A, he shook his head in displeasure

Suspiciously, the shopkeeper asked the young man, “Why did you knock a bowl on it…? ”

“One teacher taught me that .. If buying a bowl, knock the bowls together. If the sound of the bowl resonates, it means that the bowl is quality, ”replied the young man.

The shopkeeper picked up a bowl and delivered it to him. And told him that …

“Young man, try knocking this bowl against another bowl…! I believe you should get a bowl that will satisfy you. “

He took that bowl, half convinced, half unbelievable. But try to do as the shop owner told me .. So strange, no matter what bowl he picked up. When brought up and knocked With the bowl that the shopkeeper gave Every bowl resonated just as the master had told him.

“It’s really strange, why is this bowl so special? How is it different from the bowl that I picked up recently? ”

Lollipop shop owner is pleased. Answered to the young man that “This bowl is nothing special than the other bowls, but it’s different because

The bowl you picked up just a moment ago. It’s a cracked bowl. How does it sound when you knock it against a bowl? If you want a good bowl

You have to be sure that The bowl in your hand is also a quality bowl. “

A broken bowl is like a heart with a mark; if you are sincere in your friendship, you will gain trust.

Like bowls that clash. A good bowl will resonate. How can the cracked bowl resonate…?

When you are in a relationship with someone If your heart is full of doubt

It would be difficult to forbid anyone to doubt us as well.

Indeed, everyone who passes through our lives can become a patron of our lives.

The key condition is that Are we as good as they are or not ..?

You are sincere Would have the trust in return, you have love, affection, and respect in return.

On the other hand, if you create or care for others.

What you can get back It is a high wall, and a common cold in our life. There is a bowl.

The bowl contains goodness, trust, forgiveness, sincerity.

Or havoc, stress, doubt, selfishness

Make your own bowl well first. Then wait for a good bowl Many others affect who you are with.

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