October 4, 2023

Have a lot of money, do not be distracted by life It doesn’t mean that you will look better

In this age, having money is an important issue and everyone needs it most.

Having money, we will look good, will look rich. And is above the people he does not have.

So he has a saying, “Having money doesn’t help you look better.”

“Only have money” Elevate to look good

But having good manners looks better than having money and people will be rich.

Have the same mind, just we are not equal does not mean that

The value of being a person will not be equal, it is one who gives the value of a person by action, to be rich or poor.

Are the same people Compare To see if he is high or low

Should look at the action Because high and low, it is in the mind

“Respect” does not depend on “age” or “position”.

But it depends on the fullness of “kith”, “saying” and “doing”.

Good insights from first meeting with friends

Drive a luxury car for 3 million

He owed the bank 12 million.

His life

On the line between being and dead

The second person drives an ordinary motor for 7 hundred thousand.

He borrowed the bank to pay for the house for 2 million.

His life was always with distress.

The third person rode a motorcycle, cost 50,000.

He has seven hundred thousand bank deposits, his life is smooth.

But I feel empty.

When the 3 of them met

Motorcyclist Envy the motorist A car driver envy the driver of a luxury car.

A luxury car driver envies motorcyclists.

This is a “social reality”.

Each person is a slave to money and destiny. Cats love to eat fish but can’t swim.

Fish like to eat elsewhere, but they are unable to land to dig elsewhere.

How big of a deal today to tomorrow… it becomes a little trivial.

How big of a deal this year to next? Became a very fairy tale

We are just people who have “fairy tales” to share with others in life.

There is only this. Do good when departed. We will be grateful on the day of leaving.

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