October 4, 2023

Always do these 8 things, you will be smart without knowing it

  1. Always have peace of mind. Don’t be a desperate person

Don’t be greedy, don’t want what’s wrong. Don’t be obsessed with the winnings. If our needs are small

The mind will be happy. Therefore peace arose People in the distant countryside There is little demand Their lives are therefore peaceful and long.

  1. Always be compassionate. Compassionate people

It will be happy to help others, not thinking and not hurting others.

When he will do what he Will always think that Is it you or is it harmful to others? People of this kind are generally happy, healthy and long-lived.

  1. Always have a upright heart.

Good from bad must be separated. The right and wrong was clearly out of the guilt.

The fact that people have a right mind And that upright will not be led by giles to cause trouble and in the heart. He will not have any problems and anxiety is disruptive to his life.

  1. Always be sensible.

That is, it awakens the feeling of being always alert, not distraught, and the thought will not happen.

Uneasy matters, repetitive thinking, and double thinking will not happen. Like the sun shining on the earth The darkness will be driven away.

  1. Always make your heart happy.

Don’t be a sad person, keep your suffering in your heart. No matter where you are and in any situation Then have a cheerful spirit But it is not an attractive face for others.

Do not speak or upset others. “Always be cheerful. Whether we are rich or poor “

  1. Always laugh (Not a cheeky person) If we are not a fool

Let’s laugh and smile from the heart. One good laugh and smile Making it very young

At one time, many lines frustrated. Laughter improves health and health, and is encouraged to fight a confused world.

  1. Always be in harmony with all human beings.

Do not let those around you become a true master. Doesn’t mean that? To make himself slump, slumping along with the people around him

For example, people around him like to drink, and he likes to play, so we adapt with him. This is called a function, not a correct harmonization.

We have to do ourselves right in the midst of all functions, to be able to stand up for goodness. Even in the midst of the fun

  1. Always be content with what you have.

Whether we have little or have a lot, have little or have a lot. Then be satisfied with what has it Righteous

“If you look forward Will find that we do not have this thing yet If you look back We will feel satisfied that we get things. In my life many

Live easy life A bowl of boiled rice Just a little bit of clothes, just enough to cover your body, it’s not good. “

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