June 4, 2023

7 Parents’ words upset your children every time they hear them

  1. Take your children to compare with siblings in the same family.

If parents take their children to compare which one is better, better, and prettier.

It may make the child feel low Loses feelings and may think badly to other brothers and sisters. Eating may occur.

And an opposition caused the brothers to not love and unite

  1. Blame that the child creates only problems

The saying that only creates problems even adults like us

Even if they did not hear it, the children would think they were worthless. Doing everything wrong may cause children.

Causing irony by acting even worse

  1. If you do this like that again, you will not love it.

This speech is a word that has a huge impact on how you feel. Because each child has their parents as an anchor And always thought

Parents love and children love parents. If the child hears that the parents do not love, it will make the child feel depressed. There was no one beside and could spread to

See others better Understand him more Parents, be careful with this word.

  1. Why can’t I do it like other friends?

When the child is not doing anything equal to the other children, I believe that the child is already quite sorry. If parents continue to aggravate with this word, it will make

The child feels incompetent, unable to fight or concentrate on anything else.

5.Speak with sarcasm

For example, when your child says that he will intend to do something for the better. Then my parents said that it was not possible to do it. Wait and see must not be intentional.

Like the past These words can cause children to lose faith in their parents. And when there is any problem

Would not rely on their parents for fear of being aggravated And may face a friend or other person more than your parents

  1. Shout loudly.

No one would listen to the screams from anyone. And the more that person was his own parent If parents do so

It can cause children to absorb and become addicted to the actions of their parents, even if they themselves are not so.

  1. Wherever you go

When an argument or conflict occurs And then the parents say where to go, the child may be in a sudden mood and do something.

By irony of the parents And may escalate matters even further Either way, the family home is the first place to nurture the habits of children, which must be very strong.

Because that family will nurture the child to grow up And continue to live in a vast society

If the family institution is not warm and not strong, it can cause problems for society.

Therefore I would like to leave my parents and guardians

Please help each other put on a little white cloth. And add bright colors Let the children grow to be happy people. And ready to forward happiness to society in the future. Thank you

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