October 4, 2023
5 words that keep talking to yourself often Remind yourself every day

5 words that keep talking to yourself often Remind yourself every day

  1. Do not do bad things. Do not do nonsense, things that are beyond what you can do. If you really can’t do it, you don’t have to.

Anything you think you do will regret later, turn your back on it. As our age grows

Must accept the condition See the suitability Must know

  1. Not busy in this world even if someone is missing. Nothing will change for sure The world spins its own every day. Sun, moon rise and fall as usual.

Society continues to move forward Everyone has their own way of life. Remember .. take care of yourself to be healthy and happy.

If you travel anywhere, just find a chance. Do not have to be busy.

With other people unnecessarily. Have you ever asked him if he should let us interfere with him?

  1. Not waiting for retirement first, waiting to collect ten million hundred million first. Wait for your child to grow up first Wait for the mortgage to be completed first

Do we have to wait all our lives? In the end… I have waited until our own life farewell Everyone has to leave this world, of course, but don’t wait.

Until having to end with regret or regret What you want to do, do not wait to be happy with life.

  1. Do not look normal, we look at it with two eyes Try looking with one eye. Some matters Know too well, know too much

It’s not always good, not just thinking about changing people. Everyone has their own way of life.

Grandchildren have grown up Would be happy In his own way, don’t bother him.

  1. Don’t give, can’t give, don’t give, shouldn’t give, even more, don’t give. For the grandchildren, the less

They will be even more diligent and smart all their lives. Just to find everything to meet the grandchildren As much as you can But can’t teach children

In the end, the grandchildren are good at bending their hands and feet. Can’t do anything If you are hungry, you just need to open your mouth for money, just open your hand and everything is ready.

In the end, it will become ignorant, ungrateful. The deadlock will surely visit

Believe me, if it is easier to live happily than life.

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