June 8, 2023

11 ways to lighten your life Live as a wise person

How to make life clearer and lighter

1.Keep things that are not used, stop using, bring them to donate to those in need.

Such as clothes, shoes, old furniture Do not regret the things that you no longer use.

  1. Do not promise or promise to do something easily for anyone.

With consideration at all Measures to refuse to be

  1. Learn to go somewhere alone.

Becoming a friend of yourself will reduce the process and frustration. More time to do something or go anywhere.

  1. Never try to change other people. You can do it much (than changing yourself).

It will make us dwell in the disappointment of others and the society around us. Try to love others and accept them as the truth.

If love doesn’t go down, then overlook him. And reduce the expectations of him as well Over time We turned to look at him again. We will understand, accept and love them more realistically.

  1. Read the newspaper or play your phone less.

Especially bad news or serious news every day.

  1. Stop watching TV programs that you’ve finished.

Or heavy news programs that are repeated every day

  1. Choose to go to events that matter and should go only.

Otherwise, we will never have time of our own.

  1. If you love someone Do not fall in love with him all of your life.

And do not interfere with his life as well. Think just being next to him is enough.

  1. Try to split the time 1 hour a day to clear out all the bad subconscious.

Try doing as suggested. We will feel that life is clearer and lighter. Like wearing loose clothes Not cramped or constrained

When you are light and comfortable, you will have more flexibility. Until you surprise yourself.

  1. Reduce some serious work.

Such as serious meetings, competitive events And high hopes if you can choose Resigned from the director position Anything to lose, what to lose

The news of the meeting is always cool, and the news is flowing all the time, you know?

  1. Reduce work madness, money madness, insane power, prestige, reputation.

This will make you less afraid of killing yourself to work hard.

And compete with those around all the time Until forgetting to make friends And never satisfied with himself, no matter how much he got

Together, help each other Create Thai society ..

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