June 8, 2023

10 habits of the boss The underlings shook their head This life, let’s not see each other again

  1. Head Rak Sabai does not work. Many of you may have met this type of boss who is comfortable.

And still have no knowledge in their line of work, every day waiting only to order other people to receive a salary when the job does not go as expected Was crying at other people like this, I can’t rely on it at all

  1. A boss who likes to force, no one likes a person with a like. Force others Even if a person like this comes as a boss, you have to accept it.

If we are unable to adapt to adapt to him Best way Should be involved as little as possible

  1. The leader who speaks carefully Even if it’s not a boss, a person like this can only say one word that hurts. No one likes a person like this.

With us speaking very well Behind the back We let others listen. People of this kind, we may not be able to do anything. But we can learn from lessons and stay away from them.

  1. Head who likes to face And does not work by itself Approaching the adult It should be accompanied by serious and determined work. And will present himself for a little while no one will say

But if that boss I like to impersonate my subordinate’s results. It is my own continually, without giving credit at all, like this, it is worth looking at. But he would probably lose himself In the end, do nothing by yourself. No one will always be able to take advantage of other people.

  1. A boss who never goes unnoticed always places himself lofty. Everyone must obey It is the center type of the universe.

He will never do anything wrong, not accepting, ignoring him because he looks at himself lofty. Transcend all problems Must admit that Some people may avoid And one day when it comes up, it will be the worst, it is this type of person.

  1. The boss who does not know the limit of working hours. Late in the night, the night is still calling the jigiline, “Oh … you leave? I’m sorry, but please do this for me. You can send this via email. “

It is good That we have to be alert Ready to accept jobs that come suddenly, because everyone should not deal with work

But if it spreads to the side of personal life when it should be rested Have to come back to work It’s tiring, isn’t it?

  1. Head of bully, good work order, off duty Spinning us to spin with the work that we never did.

Likes to see his subordinates not working in time And when he couldn’t do it, he focused on the blame I think this boss is suppressed and may have experienced a lot of bosses before, or it was his personal personality.

  1. Head who likes to order. And then finally forgot It sounds like nothing, anyone can be. But this chief’s forgetfulness Accompanied by the suffering of his subordinates

Because he often forgets the little things To confirm big things, big stories Then the man who is nervous That is us, subordinates.

  1. The leader who has been keeping in touch since the beginning of work Doing good, then improve. There was hardly any compliment yet. Give us a word It’s hurtful!

This type of person is usually the one who doesn’t complain at all, quietly but opens his mouth that is only a lot of things. Our goodness will not be mentioned in a bit or not. Find a good spiritual book for this master to read a little, would it be good!

  1. A multi-faceted boss combines many things. Which is not desirable together everything

Health, because the work is still coming through But if you have to Because of another boss Should be considered Whether to continue or move well Give a way to prove the horse of time to prove people

As for who is the boss Or is already your own boss, do not accidentally act Like this, put other people on him? Because a good employee is someone who is valuable to the organization And then the saying “I have a tight address.” It still works. Every age, right ?!

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