October 4, 2023

Strong life insights..Lake a life that is worth like a thousand dollars

Do not allow everyone to After reading this insight, there will be many things. It is a good idea before going to bed and reading.

It is the story of a teacher who is teaching students at the university. He took out a 1000 baht banknote in the classroom. With over 200 students and he said

“Who wants this banknote?”

Then the entire class of students raised their hands. Then the teacher continued to say I’ll give you 1000 baht for one of you. But this first time I’m going to do this.

He then crumpled the money for him and asked as usual that

“Who still wants it?”

The whole room raised their hands the same. The professor replied that it was fine, if you were doing this. Then he dropped the banknote on the floor. And pick it up It was dirty and wrinkled. Then the teacher asked if anyone could still do it. Sure enough, the whole room raised their hands as usual. Then the teacher said

By now you have learned a very valuable lesson.

No matter what I do with the money You still want it. Because it does not reduce its value at all It is still worth 1000 baht as before. It is like the life of many people that we sometimes get dropped, hit by a crush, get dirty, make a lot of people feel that they are worthless. Even though it’s not true Everyone is always precious in himself.

It is a very good story of teaching that we all have self-worth. Even if someone has to do anything for us Even if life has to be met, it still belongs to us. And still have that same value as before Let us appreciate ourselves, and we will be able to walk steadily.

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