June 8, 2023

Don’t say these 10 words to your lover. If still do not want to separate

Love always makes us smile. Happy and it makes us miserable as well, and the person that will hurt us the most is the person we love the most as well, so each word. We should think of the feelings of people listening a lot.

Because some words that we say inadvertently may hurt someone’s feelings, if we do. For keeping our love for a long time Do not slip out of the following 10 words to come out. Absolutely.

  1. Let’s break up.

The classic sentence of human beings, fans who are angry with each other and quarrel must drop this word out.

If you are not yet If you are a true orphaned boyfriend, you don’t often fall out of this word. Because if one day

He fell out and said that Quit, then quit !! It will go even further, wait for the mood to cool down, then do you talk?

  1. No matter where you go, you can go.

This sentence sounds like chasing away, but really. Then we do not do Really let him go Hey, but people who listen to him don’t know what we think.

And talking in opposite directions, so it can hurt his feelings. Can you tell them to go far away?

Chasing them to go elsewhere if they really go And it’s me who will be the one who regrets it?

  1. Boring

The word “boring” is very damaging to the senses. So many things, try to think about him, we see that if he said

How do we feel “boring”? Even though we have been in a relationship for a long time, this word should not be said to come out. If we feel that love is starting to fade away, try to find something new. Together

To strengthen the relationship better, right?

  1. What will be so annoying?

Everyone is not a very important person to their own fans, so if they do something a little too much. I went to say that he was absolutely annoying.

Because the word is annoying, it can make you feel hiccups, always doing good and it becomes annoying!

Will not hurt each other You don’t have to regret each other later.

  1. Why not be like that person?

Oh, why did you say this? Did you forget that you love him or her because you love him or who he is? Think carefully before speaking, because

Everyone has to feel this way. I can compare our lover with anyone, because apart from

Will hurt the feelings together and may make the matter even more escalating

  1. Don’t be busy.

Maybe our girls have a lot Are you alone? I think anything alone, but it’s not that we are going to talk to the people he cares about us.

The word “don’t get busy” might not be strong for the talker, but deadly for the sensation of listening.

So keep this saying Then better wait for the mood to cool down

  1. Take a moment

People who are away for a while Few couples will be back in love as time will fade away their feelings.

If we do not think Really far away from our girlfriend Well, too, that this word should not be put off, because if he is really away from us

The feeling that it has already lost If you want to call it back again.

  1. Really Much

Remember when you first met each other Can we please him that we do not feel that he is annoying, but over time. Turned out to be something a little bit

Became too much of a matter This is not good, girls. Let your emotions hurt the feeling of the word ..

It’s really a lot .. It may sound mild, but if you say it often It would not be a trivial thing anyway.

  1. What about you?

Time to fight If you often hear this word Probably not a good thing, it is as if we can do bad things together because other people can do it as well.

The words “What about you?” Can still be done. So why can’t we do it!

It sounds like a sarcasm, which is not very good for a relationship if not for the small arguments.

It becomes a matter that will escalate and keep this word.

  1. Stupid

Listen, it cuts very deeply with the word “stupid” if our loved ones are acting like a jerk. Fussing with us, it would not be strange.

Because everyone Do you want people to please you? But if we accidentally say that they are Stupid! The loveliness that he has for us, it may not be available again. Try to please him and pay attention to us.

That if he comes to say this to us So how do we feel? Love is a very sensitive matter, even in a few words.

We accidentally say it, although we may not mean it, but it can hurt the feelings of those who love us. So before saying anything that might hurt each other

Would like to keep it We use words to destroy our love because if we really lose them Then come sit and regret it later, it is not protected at all, friends, is it true?

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