October 4, 2023
12 things to say from this “living” he doesn’t care

12 things to say from this “living” he doesn’t care

12 things that people live as “don’t care”

  1. Do not care about the outside of the body.

Expensive luxury items and brand names

  1. I don’t care what I do.

There must be returns in return.

  1. Do not care that you have to follow.

That society expects him to be, let him do

  1. It doesn’t care who you are.

Where they come from, race and do not judge people by their appearance or any other identity.

  1. I don’t care what other people think of him.
  2. Don’t care if he is always right or not.

Some are wrong, some are right, some are common

  1. I don’t care to compare with others.
  2. Do not care about the villagers.
  3. Do not care if people gossip.
  4. I do not care about the people who are with me.

Or someone who likes to think negatively

  1. I don’t care about liars
  2. I don’t care about having to get revenge.

Life has never been as simple as a road of rose petals.

Maybe things It did not go as we expected, but happiness is what we can choose.

Therefore, it is up to you that “Would you choose to be happy? It’s just that. “

Don’t think .. The bad story will end quickly, fine and neat. But believe that our hearts will be good now without having to wait

When the heart is beautiful .. You will feel the beauty even in things.

But if you look good .. You will only see the good, even the good things.

If you look at the world in the dark .. you may add to the pain of the world with your own bad idea.

We cannot make the world less dead, but less of the root cause of our own self-esteem.

Things started to turn out to be good.

Since there is a good dharma To put in the middle of your heart In the dark Not as scary as a dark idea.

In that difficult situation If the mind is composed of mercy Not laced with anger

When thinking is always merit When speaking, it will always be merit. When done, it will always be merit.

Merit will be the source of wisdom. Deal with difficult situations

But sin, even with a thought, will deceive you, but it’s a dead end.

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