June 4, 2023
These 4 things do not do when already.

These 4 things do not do when already.

When the relationship ends, some of them break up as well, and others end up in anger and hate. In any case, everyone has their own reasons. There are many media.

Whether it is unfolding couple behavior, talking in a bad way, even before having good feelings for each other when the story of two people, being a public story, do you think well, right ?..what will it be? Come back when they broke up and let it be over.

1. Talk about the disadvantages, bad stories for others to listen to when you love each other, sweet and wrong, can be wrong in some people, who warns you will not listen, but when the date of the breakup comes, it will be for any reason but yourself. Not satisfied, so choose to talk about his bad side with others. You try to make yourself feel that the breakup is not because of you, but because of the other person who listens to him, but only because of the fact that it is between you and your ex-partner, the more you speak. That you are the one who lost and bully.

2. Post revelations on social media There are many examples of this because of the sudden mood and anger that makes posting something unthinkable. You write various stories revealing your former lover, whether it is a picture, message or sharing on Facebook. A. He lets others know how bad it is to violate the rights of others. The Computer Crime Act can be sued for defamation if the issue becomes a bigger issue, not just your ex-lover. May have been digging the history and other people can reveal it as well

3. To reach the parent and other people around him. It is inappropriate and shows off your personality, remember that you chose to have a relationship with him in the first place when the love ended instead of wasting your time sitting in anger. To blame others around, accept it and move on. Let this experience teach you better.

4. Don’t blame yourself and don’t blame your ex. No matter who you blame, nothing can come back as it was. Love that has ended is over. Accept it and don’t make yourself feel overwhelmed with sadness. Let’s go out and find something to make a new life.

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