June 8, 2023
The future will be good. If raising children like an eagle

The future will be good. If raising children like an eagle

Eagles are known as the world’s longest-lived king of birds, where they can live up to 70 years.
It is a strong bird, graceful and formidable, but many people still do not know.
In order to become the king of this graceful bird, what had to go through? The importance of these birds is
Nesting and eagles, too, before they lay their eggs, the parents of eagles help to build a nest on a steep cliff.
Because it can avoid interference from other animals as well, the eagle will build a nest up to 5 levels as follows.

Level 1 will be a rock.
The eagle will find a large stone and place it into a circle that is the size of its body.

Step 2 is a large piece of wood crossed back and forth.
To increase the strength of its nest

Level 3 is a branch with a large thorn.
Draped over the wood
The fourth layer will lay out thick leaves.
To protect the sharp thorns for the birds and also as a bed

Level 5 The mother bird pecks the soft feathers under her wings.
Then put it on top of the top to make it a comfortable mattress
It’s all about building an eagle’s nest, ready for a baby bird that is about to face the world.
And when it takes the time to raise the baby to a certain level, it will take the eagles’ strength and self-help to the next step.

The process of training an eagle’s baby

Step 1 The mother bird will begin to train her child to recognize little by little difficulty.
First of all, the mother bird will remove the soft feathers that were laid on the nest so that the baby will not sleep comfortably as before.
At first, the baby birds will cry because they are not used to it, but after a while they will get used to the difficulties they encounter.

Step 2: The mother bird removes the next layer, the leaves.
Now that only the hard branches and thorns are left, the baby birds must try to adapt and lie down to get the benefits of lying on the thorns.
The training of the young bird when lying tossing around and being stabbed by a thorn will make him feel conscious and conscious all the time.
Even if you are lying down, it is to be careful at all times.

Step 3 Remove the thorny layer.
At this point, not even a thorny branch was laid to rest, only a hard piece of wood and a rock on the bottom of the baby bird.
Therefore, we must learn to use the legs to stick to the tree to train the leg muscles to be strong and to sleep by clinging on the branches.

Step 4 Remove the logs, leaving only a hard rock.

Causing the fledgling to face the most difficult ever encountered
Not even a piece of wood to stick to, which is a way to build patience and prepare your kids to practice flying.

Step 5 teach flying
When it comes to flight training, the mother bird will start taking the birds one by one to fly in the sky to get them accustomed to their height.
The weather was cold, windy, and then took them back to the nest and returned to the nest to train them all.

Step 6 The mother bird will fly the baby bird.
But this time, they will spread their wings for the baby bird to climb up instead and fly through the sky.
They then took them back to their nest and continued to do this until the birds became accustomed to flying in the sky.
This time, the mother bird will fly around very quickly and fly higher and higher.
The mother bird would shake her wings so hard that her baby was flying in midair and falling at speed in shock.
The baby bird cried out, trying to spread its wings to support itself, but had yet to spread its wings.
The mother bird will immediately fly to pick it up and fly back to the nest safely.
And then practice this all the way until all the mother eagles will train their babies like this until eventually the baby birds will be able to spread their wings and fly on their own.
To that day, the parents’ duties were final and successful.
Raising the young eagles is a training for their children to get used to the hardships and to learn patience and self-help. As they grow up, these young birds will eventually become strong and dignified bird kings. The mother should teach her child to help herself, train him to face difficulties, so that he is immune and strong enough to live on his own.
Because parents are unable to take care of their children for the rest of their lives, allowing them to grow by themselves will allow them to protect themselves and not be bullied.

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