June 8, 2023
Insights teach us that we will not want to be angry with anyone again.

Insights teach us that we will not want to be angry with anyone again.

If you think of it, your life will be full of resentment, if you think of gratitude, whatever it is, it will be full of gratitude.If you dare to grow up today, in the future you will surely grow up. The world is not yours, do not indulge yourself too much, because the world is wide, it is important to pay attention to people more than things.
But for anyone who still thinks that this mind is not cool enough.
Today we have nine ways to suppress anger.

1. Control your breath
Whenever you are starting to feel anger, before letting yourself lose consciousness and show negative emotions, try to stop still.
Then take a deep breath – control your breathing slowly and steadily with a slow count of 1-10 that will help calm you down or, if so, try meditation.

2. Stop to give yourself time.
When you’re angry, the best thing to do is take a few pause to give yourself time and calm yourself down.
Or, if you’re in the middle of the cause of your anger, just walk out alone for a few minutes until you start to calm down and then come back to face again, this will help calm yourself a lot.

3. Think carefully.
If you are somewhat conscious during your anger, look back and think about the cause of your anger.
This will help you calm down and slow down your anger, but will also give you more reason.

4. Think about things that make you feel comfortable.
If you are in a situation where you cannot retreat to calm down, think about things that make you feel relaxed.
For example, the place where you went on vacation, the house you were in when you were a kid, think about the little details of those places, and this will help you cool down in no time.

5.Be optimistic
Anger arises from a negative view of the world, so to get rid of it, you need to change your point of view just by looking at your anger in a positive light.
Think about what happened there might be a necessary reason for this to happen.Look for the positive aspects of what happened.While some things may not be as good as they should be, you should tell yourself that it was fine. All of these things happen because if it doesn’t, it might be more serious than this.

6. Consult someone you trust.
If you are nervous about the problems that arise that make you feel angry, turning to someone you trust can help resolve them.
Because so many times, by calming you down, comfort doesn’t always help you get off your anger, but honest words and good advice are important.

Another way to let go of your anger is good for your sanity and good for your body is exercise if you are angry with someone.
Try releasing it through exercise.This will not only help you feel more comfortable, but will also help you stay healthy.

8. Release letters
While it’s not a good idea to let go of your anger, if you really can’t keep your anger aside, try writing it down on a piece of paper. Write what makes you angry and what you can’t say. It can cool you down, but I recommend that you write it in a well-kept notebook.
Do not vent it into social networks, or it may lead to problems in the future as well.

9. Knowing Forgiveness
Forgiveness has a greater power than you might ever imagine, because it not only affects the person you are angry with, but it also helps the mind of the forgiving person.
Because when you forgive someone, the anger that keeps you full of suffering will go away, making you more comfortable and happier.
Anger is something that we can avoid only by being more optimistic and empathetic to others. Just as much, even if we face any problems or obstacles, we can guarantee that we will never be so angry. Absolutely blush.

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