June 4, 2023

Want the children to read the reminder Before arguing with her mother (This story will remind children)

One evening, a son of high school age was complained by his mother that he refused to keep his bedroom, did not intend to study, and did not return home.
The young man could not stand because he thought his mother was picky about his personal matters, so he argued in a loud voice, making his mother even more angry that her son disobediently.

The father saw that he was not doing well, so he pulled his son out and took him for a walk.

Walking together for a long time, the father said to his son that it is possible for you to argue with your mother.
There are provisions, though, if you can do any of these 10 things, you will be qualified to argue with your mother.
What is it? The young man asked his father.
Listen carefully ..
1. I can’t turn to bed for five months.
2. Vomiting after eating every meal for three months, morning sickness
3. Put the ball on the stomach and grow bigger and bigger every month for ten months pregnant.
4. Abstain from traveling and jumping for ten months.
5. Abstain from ice, tea, coffee and the like, but it will affect the unborn child for ten months.
6. Painful as if being whipped and beaten for twenty-four hours during the delivery of the baby.

7. Nipple was bitten, but had to be patient and did not dare to hit the teeth of the baby.
8. Never get sick for ten months, even if you are sick, you cannot take antibiotics.
9.Wake up at night every two hours, each period lasts thirty minutes, about three months.
10. Wiping debris, wiping oocyte, changing diapers, washing diapers, washing the bottom for years
The father and son talked to each other until they reached the front of the house. The father slapped his son on the shoulder and said,
I’ll go into the house to honor my lady, haha.
Yes, in the future, I will give more honor to my father’s woman. When my son enters the house, he goes straight to hug.
And apologize to Mom before thinking of arguing her
Think you have these ten qualifications or not?

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