October 4, 2023

Want everyone to try to think accordingly “The truth about work That you may not believe that it is true “

I want everyone to read this story and try to follow the truth about work that you may not believe is true, perhaps it is an idea for us to find another way to make a living alone. The salary alone is hardly enough to pay, and some people are not alone, they have to take care of their families for many more lives.
If to save a lot of money, sometimes it’s not easy. Salary, Bachelor’s degree, in fact, hardly any company will pay for five, some places just 9,000, some places are a little better, 12,000. Up to 15,000 baht
Try pressing the calculator together, shall we?
Something that the salary is 15,000 baht
We will keep it every baht, so no need for a red, it will take 6 years to reach 1 million baht.
It is a waste of time, but if it is really to be done, it cannot be done either.

Because in the salary that was acquired, he had to pay a lot of money, which would cost the house

Cars, food, internet, utensils, water, electricity, school fees, all other things.
Today’s money has decreased a lot, but before, 100 baht used to eat 3 meals, nowadays only 1-2 meals.
Because of this, people say that if you want to get rich, don’t work regularly, it might hurt a bit, but it’s true.

But not everyone has the courage to quit their jobs and start their own business.

Most were afraid of being ruined since they had not yet started.
It is like we want to be rich, but not looking for channels, not looking for opportunities to do anything.
For example, if you want to catch a whale, you can catch it in a backyard canal, or do you really have to go out to sea, where there are waves, monsoons and storms.
Just like the life of a person who decides to step out of his comfort zone, there are common problems and obstacles.
The person he was richer than he could get to that point, he had to be hit by a few storms, but no one saw it.
Everyone wants to get rich, but not everyone finds a way to do it seriously, and saving alone will never help anyone get rich.
Because it is hard to just fight the annual inflation rate and we have to keep improving ourselves, gain more knowledge and do it.
Anything, try it, try it, plan it to be rich, it’s buildable if you’re serious enough.
Just 1 million dollars. Maybe it’s a little too. If you own a business, you’ll get a lot more.
If you are still working and on a regular basis.
Do you have any idea how old you are to work?
The company will hire you until the day it has nothing to run for you if you still will be able to put aside the money to collect, for example, half of the 15,000 baht will collect 7,500 baht for 11 years to see the million.
How old were you then? And is that money enough for you and your family to live?
If you have a dream today, if you have a goal for your life today, then find a way to find it.
You may not have to quit your routine, but now you need to think slowly and plan the sequence of events that you will need to do.
How much investment will be prepared, how much capital will be obtained, and what business will you do? Who is your target audience? What problems will arise?

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