June 8, 2023

The path to life is simple .. on the ground. No matter how busy life is, it will be comfortable.

1. Stay Sufficient
And enough to know enough in life as they learn to grow vegetables in the kitchen garden for yourself
In order to save costs and also promote the farmer profession as well.
2. Try using ordinary things
Not attached to luxury, not attached to brand-name products, used to travel abroad and like to buy all brand-name items
But now I stop all because I think normal things will work as well. I regret money and regret the world resources.
3. Much less makeup
Because I already know that a lot of makeup will look old and still
Save a lot of money on buying cosmetics.
4. Do not attend
That is not important to long-term happiness; time off work is often a priority
With family and friends who are very close to each other and have few friends but the quality is tight
5. I don’t care about the social trend.
Now that it is, everyone has their own reasons, care and focus.
That we do not look and do not look like anyone
6. Drive a normal car
I didn’t drive a luxury car because I felt that my heart did not like ordinary cars.
Can drive anywhere as well, no need to buy expensive cars to drive
7. Pay attention and focus on the present.
Don’t get stuck and think too much about the past, because the past is the past.
We can’t go back and fix anything.
8. Anger keeps people from talking to each other.
So we choose not to be angry with anyone for a long time, who does good, who is good to return
Not good, do not care, do not interfere.

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