June 8, 2023

Say this to yourself when you’re 50 years old

1. No one is stupid in the world, only people who think they are themselves! Think you are cool. Don’t think of yourself as the best. If you think that there are only people who are inferior, don’t forget that who is superior to you. There are a lot of shafts, some wind down, don’t push it too much.

2. This age must be fully understood: Do not compete with face beauty, but compete for good, do not compare with wealth, and health must pay attention.

This stage is held up and down. If you have the ability, show it when the time comes, but don’t perform every time, as Khunying Champa told Sri Prachat, “You can do good, but don’t stand out, it will be a danger.”

3. Do not expect others to offer convenience, do not expect to receive sympathy from anyone of the younger age and act respectfully, do not make him pity if you want others to accept and praise.
You have to make yourself valuable enough for people to praise.
4. During the course of your marriage, your friend, your son, your daughter, or your lover, no matter what happens, tell yourself that there is no one wrong with anyone, no one will leave anyone because you think your opponent is wrong.
His side thinks that you are also wrong, it’s just who understands who? Who takes care of who? No matter who lives or who is going to embrace forgiveness, you have to choose to understand your opponent a lot, even if it’s difficult. To understand

Because in the end your heart belongs to you, others cannot enter it and suffer with you.

5. Money is important at this time, but do not find it until you don’t have time to rest. There is enough time. Do not think that you have to spend a lot of money in case one day your children and the people behind will live? This one does not need to be thought.

The news of the siblings killed each other because of the enormous wealth of their parents, which makes merit, enters a temple, enters a church, a chapter in the Chinese proverb, he says, “There is no money left to fight, no virtue.”

Finding it but refusing to use it, when the day is near to death, it becomes a treasure.

6. At this point, no one has never suffered. You have a dark face, you have a family, you have a family, others have a black face, you have a family, too. You cry when you are defeated, and you cry on the day of failure as well.
You are upset with your subordinates, they are also upset with your boss, so do not think that you are alone in suffering. Any day of suffering, choose to smile. The world will smile at you.
7. Remember, a good man on a handsome face, he used to cry and grimace as well, even if he was close to each other, he had betrayed each other, no matter how prestigious and outstanding the position was.

He turns again, turns, and then falls very much. Anything that should remain, whatever should be, whatever should be gained, whatever should go, do not violate that it must be paired with us until the day of death.
8. People over the age of 50 have been through a lot of stories, through suffering, through a lot of happiness, through a lot of heat, and through the cold, and through many conflicts, and a lot of disappointments.
Having stood up until today, try to look back and look back on yesterday, many things that are memorable, many things are amusing, and many things still remain unsettled, will have wisdom, acceptability, will be born, let go, will have peace.

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