June 8, 2023

People who are not trustworthy .. the more you are close, you have to look carefully

People who like to proclaim other people’s “disadvantages” about themselves badly, keep quiet. People like this are best far away.
Other people let us listen to us in a conversation, when they go in another conversation, they’ll talk about us as well.
The hardest to keep announcing our story to others is the heart of a human being.
Many friends, when they lose their benefits, when they fall, when they cannot support anyone again
We can see the “kindness of a person” not from the hundred thousand words spoken, but by our actions.
And the sincerity that is given to each other when there is a problem with one’s mouth is the only thing that cannot be prevented as well as thought.
“Gossiping” speaks to incite people to “split”, the more they listen, they can’t find edification without any benefit, they should stop listening.
Walked out of that point, retreated from that conversation, remember
5 types of people who are unlikely to get along well with each other
1. Only focus on oneself
People of this kind tend to appear only when they need help and then get lost.
The qualities of these people, a hundred days a thousand years, if there is nothing that they need help with.
They will never show up to you. These people are against the good friend’s textbook that says help people depend on each other.
People like this, if you notice that when you need help sometimes, they might not show up at all.
2. behave like a two-headed bird
In front of him, he will talk to you nicely, but don’t be fooled by the same person.
Behind your back, he took you to talk, gossip, talk, joke about ten or a hundred stories.
Until it becomes another matter that you might not have thought before
3. Grab benefits unilaterally
This type of person often hides in the form of friends or close people towards you.
Who knows the real reason he approaches you just to get it?
Your only benefit may be your property.
It could be your physical strength or intellectual property to divert his advantage.
Not living together like “Namprung, raced to the wild”
4. There is no equality
You might be wondering what kind of person you mean.
This type of person is someone who likes to do things that are unfair, for example, whenever they are in distress, they can always visit you.
Vent to you, but when you have a need for a confidant, he will not listen to you, etc.
It is like demanding your kindness on one side.
5. Become a story maker
This type of person is often prone to telling lies in the form of truth, not caring about what he or she has already given to others is false information.
How will the opposition be viewed by people in society?
Until sometimes you should feel it for yourself.

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