June 8, 2023

People aged 40 and over, please remember these 4 points until old

Ideal for those who are 40 or over 40.
Must stop exchanging health in exchange for wealth
How much money you have can not buy your health, even if there are many farms.
Can eat only three dishes a day, although there are dozens of houses
Needs only eight square meters of sleeping space at night
So .. as long as there is enough rice, fish, food
Having enough money to spend every day

At this age, you should live happily.
Every home has its own problems, so don’t think about it.
Compete with each other regardless of reputation, status in society or job progress, etc.
What should really be competing for is a happy race,
Good health and longevity, and what part we can’t change?
Do not bury your heart to be sick and destroy your own health.
After 40, like this, you should find a way to create a happier life, a good mood, and think about the things that bring happiness.
That means that the day has passed happily.
Every day that passes is lost for 1 day, but if it passes happily then that day is profitable.
Will help cure disease if the mind is happy, the disease will heal faster

But if the mind is both good and happy, then illness will never come to war.
With a good mood and always keep enough exercise outdoors often.
Eat a whole food group and get enough vitamins and minerals.
Just as you can, I can definitely believe that another happy life for 30 or 40 years.
Above all .. must know how to cultivate and reap the great joy of being able to travel.
Talk to your friends because they always help you feel young and meaningful.

Take good care of these 4 precious things
1. the body
It is the only thing that will stay with us until the end of our lives.
No matter what state they are in, no one will take care of him as well as our own.
2. Life Partner
Is someone who will take care of and protect us for the rest of our lives
Small investment, the results can be doubled
3. Friends
A good friend is more valuable than any property in the world. Smiles and laughter.
Fun, sincerity, etc. There is money and cannot buy these

4. wealth
The older you get, the lower your ability to find it.
Therefore, you must know how to make the most of it.
Finally .. May the very best come to you.
“The richness of life is good health”
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