June 8, 2023
People aged 35 read to know 40 people read to remind people 50 years to do it.

People aged 35 read to know 40 people read to remind people 50 years to do it.

Regarding the time of life, extracted from the book “The Way of the Fish”, humans think that when old age comes, beauty disappears, in fact this is not the case, human beings always remain beautiful, and aging brings beauty again. One form to give it is beauty that comes with a gentle, light, yet sharp edge. This kind of beauty differs from the beauty of other ages. It is beauty that comes from the inside, not the outside. This kind of beauty is here.
Even though you have this kind of beauty, the descendants of the people will surround you, because you have a stream of warmth that they can absorb your power from. Only old can give power to others, that is because these two are the least ego ages.

This easily happens to all children, but only to some of the older ones. When you step into old age, even though you are still a great man, your ego is the most stupid and ugly person. For a long time, but as someone who did not understand the world, he became a fossil hidden in a modern department store.

What is more advanced than changing the world that youth does is to let go of the world that old age has done.It is not easy for a human being to let go of the world when we are born. It has everything, that is, the self-willed nature that has been in the consciousness since the previous life, it makes us do not sleep.

Look, when you fall asleep, is there any time when you clench your hands and let your hands fall asleep calmly, and that is the state of looseness, the state of old age?

Letting your hands be a great beauty, even if one day, if you are wise enough, you will be able to let go of your fame, work, admiration, grandchildren, you will release your hand from everything, even your own body, when old age comes without wisdom. Inevitably becomes the problem of the world, one will be the wisdom of the world.

The other will be filled with five fears.
One is fear of losing beauty.
The second is the fear of losing focus.
Third is the fear of health.
Fourth is the fear of losing confidence.
The fifth is the fear of the fear of death
This fear of death is the greatest fear because you are afraid of the nature of your life, your fear of the subject matter.Death, the philosophy of life, is the last lesson you must learn to complete your life.

Look at the tree.
Who told you that a tree that is aging is not beautiful? This is absurd, the truth is that the older a tree is, the more shade it gives, the more shade it is, the more useful it is, the more beautiful it is. More
Do you not know the day when man is most beautiful? There are two days, one on the day that he was born, the second on the day of his death.
Old age has come, and beauty is near to him.

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