October 4, 2023

Life of a workaholic A true story that wants to warn future generations

39 years ago, I started working with a multinational finance company, who say
It is the third largest in the world.
35 years ago, I married the girl I love the most. We promise to build our future together. She will be the one behind me.
Achieving the desired job success… While my career has progressed very quickly…

29 years ago, she gave me my first son while I was stuck in a meeting in Japan. Than before

Our dreams are close to come true.
24 years ago, she gave birth to the daughter we have been waiting for, and I only saw her face for a day because I had to go to a convention in Australia.
I will work for a while, and then all of my time will be with my family forever, as she has been waiting for.

13 years ago, my career progressed to becoming number 2 in the Asia Pacific region, but she asked for a “divorce”.

To start a new life she said I never gave her (I argue that I gave her everything).

Finally, she said
“A wife does not need only an excess of wealth, but a warm and confident embrace of her husband’s embrace on a lonely night.” Finally, she parted.
As for the children, grandfather and grandmother will take good care of them as they used to raise me

10 years ago, my eldest son on a motorcycle, a friend got into a fatal accident. I flew back from Japan in spite of an important seminar.
“Dad is not good. Give me a little more time and I will give everything.”

7 years ago, before my mother died, she told me not to keep working until she forgot that
You need a long-longing father’s embrace, don’t let her wait alone.

Five years ago, my father went to follow my mother, relatives talked about, where I overheard that my father lost her mother two years ago with the granddaughter about escaping to the south of the man next door
You keep blaming yourself for “You don’t have any wisdom to raise your grandchildren.”
As I reached the top of my work
I am number one in Asia Pacific, according to my goals, I have everything I need, I am successful beyond anyone, of course, nothing is given for free, a loss of something.
In exchange for such success, it is worthwhile. In the future, I will return to compensate for my cheating from my family.
Three years ago, my doctor told me that I was depressed and had to take all the prescription drugs.
There were only people who were looking to take up the things that I had put in my whole life. There was no one like my parents, wife, and children.

But it’s too late
No one waited for this long, until now, I would trade everything I could find for being a night-earner.
Today I enjoy my new life.
In the shadow of a peaceful castle, if I hadn’t seen the Master, I don’t know what life would be like today, if I have a wonderful ability today, I can ask (which I don’t have).

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