June 4, 2023

Life lessons that we will understand when we are old

1. Time in our lives decreases every day.
You should stop regretting the past.
2. Happiness is not caused by much.
But when is happiness where we are enough?
3. There is found, there is parting, there is from there is a common thing.
That must happen to all of us, training to get used to, one day it will definitely come to us.
4. What we cannot control?
That is teaching us to let go.
5. Who will show off what is his story, it is his rights.
We just keep our hearts not to be jealous of anyone.
6. No one is good at everything.
No one is spoiled by everything. We have a mix of good and bad things.
7. Don’t think too much today.
Because I don’t know whether we will live until or not, do it well and let it go.
8. Learn how to make it.
With some things in life because nothing will always be the way we expected.
9. Life can be sad but don’t regret it.
I soon regretted it, but my regret still remained like that.
10. You don’t want to regret life, it’s clear to yourself.

The pain is clear, it is not clear, but it is better than the pending life.
11. How much do you expect?
Do not forget to prepare a lot of disappointment only.
12.What’s not our stuff?
It doesn’t take long for anything that belongs to us, how far away it comes to us.
13. We and him change every day.
Stop sticking with the original memories
14. Do not keep a bad feeling.
Only one person learns to drain it some.
15. On which day we are good, do not insult anyone.
Because I do not know what day we will fall like him
16. Disappointment
If it doesn’t cause us to die, look carefully, it will make us grow.
17. Don’t try to get to know the past.
Observe yourself easily, the past defines the present, the present determines our future.
18.Parents die before us are common
Always ask and care for you when apart so that you do not have to regret knocking on the cover of the coffin
19.Life has no destination
Be in the present, don’t worry about the destination, maybe it’s not true.
20. We come empty, go empty.
Don’t expect too much of your life, one day you will die.It is best to have your breath now and do whatever is good.

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