October 4, 2023

Insights that will widen our hearts

1. The highest thing that all human beings want is happiness. We call happiness however, but happiness is a state of peace, joy, awakening, away from all anxiety.

2. Happiness outside of the body is not true happiness, it is just happiness to sustain life. True happiness must not be tied to material or person.

3. Work is not a tool to seek money, but a tool to refine lust. Do not work for money, but do for something more precious. Work for the service of fellow man.

4. There is no past or future that we have, that is, the present. Do not burn the present time in shadows of the past and the future.

5. The important person in life is not anyone else, but the person who is before us, he is the only one in the real world.

6. Words destroy the spirit of a person. Do not say anything as a lie, do not speak behind-the-scenes gossip, do not speak delicately in verbal communication.

7. When speaking less, thoughts become sharper. Spoken words are more economical. Words have more than jewelry.

8. The sky, the clouds, and the trees are true friends. They are close to them.

9. Spend little money sparingly. Use little. Use less. Use less. Then we will be the master of our own life.

10. Do not accumulate anything, because it creates adherence and attachment is a major cause of suffering. Harvest everything in your memory. Leave the mess to make life sharp, clearer and faster.

11. Wisdom is fast because it knows how to make a rhythm for one’s life.

12.Money, power, reputation are sharp objects, use them carefully.

13. To learn the outside world, you must know many things, learn the inner world, know only one thing, “Always be conscious.”

14. Great religion is not any other than love. Love is the main religion of the world, only love can hold the world.

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