June 8, 2023

If the company forced you to “old age”, What would you do next?

Do you notice when and where to post a job, he will tell us that
How many years do you want people to have? How many years of experience do you need?
And tells about the job description, but there is one quality that some people never think about is “age”
Have you noticed, companies, stores
In addition to his qualifications, he also states about his age, such as:
Want people aged 20-35 years, want people aged 25-40 years, most of the Maximum will be under the age of 40 years.

Recently, I saw the news of recruiting workers to legally work abroad and said that they wanted people aged 25-40 years.
I thought in my mind, “We have lost our rights 41”
It makes me think, do we ever ask ourselves, do we lose our job at age 40-50, what to do?
How will life go on and what will we eat?
New graduates don’t think much.
30s rarely think, they (some) just know how happy today is.
At the end of the month we get money to hang out, hang out, spend an extravagant life, follow various trends, and have life styles like many people wake up to work

After work, sitting in circles, eating drunk beer, going home, waking up, going to work, weekends, looking for a place to travel
Salary .. Celebrate, receive a bonus .. Celebrate,
For ten years I have continued to live like this and do this throughout the same way of life, and I have forgotten that
With age every day, time is less and less important every day and more importantly, the younger generation is getting better every day.

Are there good graduates every year to graduate? Are you prepared? Are you unemployed now 40-50? What do you want to make a living?
If not… your life is already in danger.
It is very easy to lose your job now. A career that is stable and you still lose your job.
If you continue to live your life in vain, you will be hurt when that day comes to one career, never enough income.
Extremely dangerous. I saw many people lost their jobs at the age of 40.
Because he never thought about making a living, never seeking additional knowledge, did not think about training or finding a way for himself

Even with a short thought, finally, I just want to say that I am interested and concentrate on making a living.
Something’s not sure. Let’s start again at the age of 40-50. You can’t keep up with the people he has been doing for a long time, expert and skilled.
Try losing your job today and thinking about opening a meatball shop tomorrow.
Just looking for a location is confused and can not make a dipping sauce yet. Buying meatballs still do not know at all.
Stop being interested and which star will break up with which person, who will get with whom? Don’t waste time, go read and sit down and criticize other people’s lives.
Interested in your own future, we all have an expiration date.
It’s like a masseuse after a massage parlor, that’s old, who’s going to take it?
A beautiful, great, big boy is born every day, what do you want to fight him? I don’t think about making a living. When do you think now?
When will it start? Now in the age of 40, many companies will not take it if you are not really cool or have a really specialized ability.
Write to read as this. Anyone who can think of it will be happy too. Whoever can not think is the one who lives it already.
Develop yourself, stop worrying about the villagers, intend to make a living better than I thought… I lost my job when I was old.
All of my articles are suitable for some, not everyone.

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