June 4, 2023

Before I realized it, today is the “last day” of my life

Before I realized it, today is the “last day” of my life.

“If today you know that the last day of your life is coming, today is the beginning of your life.”
Think carefully about this sentence, why the beginning of our life is the day when we know we are dying.

There is one man these days, I do not know whether he is lucky or unlucky, a person who falls into the category of risk-taking, taking everything except gambling.
The annual blood test result came out that he had positive blood, but the doctor had not confirmed it, and then made an appointment for another three months to have it checked. Not going to do it, stay at home for about a week

When friends see his face again, this time, change to a different person, friends ask to go anywhere, do not go to work, then go to find a girlfriend, take her boyfriend to eat with her parents at home, alcohol, cigarette, they don’t touch again, no Talk about the results of the blood test again …

He came back to doing everything, playing sports, traveling upcountry, and sometimes we couldn’t help but wonder that life has 48 hours, because it takes every minute so worth it until the locals and their fans are surprised to secretly call Come and ask my friend what he is or why he acts like a person who is deeply touched by the truth. At that time, we were shocked because everyone knew why, but one friend said that
Hey, if it was a good person at first, then it wouldn’t have to die ..
Yes, if it was a good person at the beginning, it would not have to die.
Three months later, the blood test showed that there was no blood, plus the sentences it told us, it said that it was glad that God sent him three months into hell.Now, he loves his family, his girlfriend, and we think. That it does everything as well as the lover should do that sometimes I can’t help being jealous and want my life to be close to anything like it.
Did our life begin when we realized we were dying?
Live today as it is the last day of your life, it means that people do not know the value of life until the last day of life comes that day when we will know what we want to do and why we are. I have to wait until the last day to arrive before thinking of doing what I want to do.
And if, suppose you are leaving tomorrow, your loved one, what are you going to do for him today?

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